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    BMW E36-M3 Performance Clutch Kits & Parts

    These heavy-duty clutch kits use aluminum lightweight flywheels with sport clutch components to give your clutch the grip and clamping force it needs to cope with high torque upgrades. Our kits were developed through racing programs by companies affiliated with our own race team - JB Racing, Sachs Sport, OS Giken, and UUC Motorwerks. JB Racing is the leader in aluminum lightweight flywheel upgrades. They are direct replacements for the stock dual-mass flywheels with steel contact surfaces and computer balanced to 14,000 RPM. JB has partnered with Sachs to spec sport/HD clutch discs and pressure plates that work seamlessly with their aluminum flywheels. The result is a clutch/flywheel upgrade package that functions a lot like the original clutch combo with near-stock levels of effort and engangement but with a much higher torque capacity. Don't let the clutch be your weak link in a highly tuned car!
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    This kit uses the stock E36 M3 clutch with a JB Racing aluminum flywheel and M3 clutch slave cylinder for an outstanding improvement in the non-M E36. The stock M3 clutch is larger than the E36 325 disc and was used in the 321hp Euro M3 – way more clutch than you need on a 2.5 or 2.8-liter M50 and M52 (even supercharged cars). But because it’s a factory clutch the feel, durability, engagement, fitment, etc are OE spec!

  • OEM replacement clutch parts
  • lightweight aluminum flywheel for faster acceleration and quicker revs (15lbs less than stock)
  • comparable cost to OEM replacement parts
  • direct fit with no installation issues

  • If you own an E36 but have never done a clutch job, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise! The stock flywheels don’t usually last much longer than 100,000 miles. It's not just the friction surface that wears but the internal dual-mass damping parts fail over time too. Now is the time to replace a faulty dual mass flywheel before it completely fails and you have to do a clutch job all over again. The best plan is to have a new flywheel on hand when installing the clutch. You can use a new OEM M3 flywheel but we've had such great success with the aluminum flywheels that we think it's a superior product. This package is actually about the same price as buying a new OEM clutch and new OEM flywheel! And there’s a big performance boost!
      Included with this Clutch / Flywheel package:
    • E36 M3 3.2 Sachs OEM clutch kit - clutch disc, pressure plate, throw-out bearing
    • E36 M3 JB Racing aluminum flywheel
    • new pilot bearing
    • E36 M3 clutch slave cylinder
    • UUC Clutch Stop
    • clutch alignment tool

    This complete kit makes a great overhaul for E36 M3 too!

    What about noise? A single-mass aluminum flywheel is not going to dampen as well as the dual-mass or steel flywheels. But we used this setup for over 100,000 miles on a daily driver/track car and there was never any serious complaints. It was hardly an issue unless the car was sitting at a drive-thru, on a hot day, with the A/C on. And then the noise was a slight rattle and nothing major. We haven't received a single complaint from customers either.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    1992-1999 E36 BMW 323is 323ic 325i 325is 325ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
    Part #: FLYE36M50UPGRADE
    Price: $911.80 (USD) 
    As Used on Project E36 M3
    This lightweight aluminum flywheel w/ Heavy Duty "sprung-hub" clutch package is the best-engineered solution for the BMW E36, E46, Z3, and Z4 models. Instead of picking a clutch from another car that may or may not work at all, the engineers at JB Racing have taken all of the guess work out of this upgrade and incorporated a Sachs HD sprung hub clutch with the correct pressure plate and combined it with our most-popular aluminum lightweight flywheel. The Sachs HD clutch disc has a sprung hub to minimize noise and vibration and organic linings to give the feel and engagement of a stock clutch. Mixing and matching of the incorrect clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel components can lead to inconsistent engagement and feel -- why make your clutch feel worse?

    In addition, the Sachs HD pressure plate will clamp with greater force -- allowing approximately 350 ft-lbs of torque, which makes it an obvious upgrade from the stock clutch kit. And with the aluminum flywheel weight savings is substantial over the stock dual-mass flywheel - which allows your motor to spool up faster and transmit more HP to the ground.

    Because Sachs is an OE supplier to most German cars, replacement parts are just a phone call away. This kit uses the stock throw-out bearing (included in the price!).

    BMW Fitment/Applications:
    1992-1999 E36 3 Series 325i, 325is, 328i 328is, 323is
    1995-1999 E36 M3
    1999-2005 E46 3 Series 323i, 323Ci, 325i, 325Ci, 328i, 328Ci, 330i, 330Ci (with 5-speed transmission)
    1997-2002 Z3 Roadster/Coupe with 2.3, 2.5, 2.8 or 3.0 engine
    1998-2002 MZ3 M Roadster & M Coupe
    2003-2005 Z4 Roadster/Coupe Z4 2.5, Z4 3.0 (5-speed transmission)
    Part #: 520-010S-
    Price: $1,458.90 (USD) 
    Save 10% off Spec Clutches As Used on Project E36 M3
    The SPEC Stage 2 clutch is a premium, no compromises heavy-duty clutch upgrade for the 1996-1999 E36 M3. Where the stock clutch is well-known for premature wear when driven hard and the factory dual mass flywheel is a known failure point, the SPEC clutch delivers with an over-engineered, performance-oriented clutch solution. The single carbon-Kevlar clutch is rated at 370 ft-lbs, more than enough for the naturally-aspirated S52 engines. A heavy-duty pressure plate and throw-out bearing complete the package.

    The stock clutch in the S52 cars is not a terrible clutch and it is not under-rated (it was the same clutch used in the Euro M3). Our tuned M3 street and race cars have used the stock clutch with over 300hp with only the occassional slip. But if the clutch is not grabbing like you want it to, or your tuning plans will include forced induction like our Project E36 M3, a heavy-duty clutch is what will be needed. The SPEC Stage 2 clutch consists of a carbon-Kevlar friction material paired with a heavy-duty pressure plate. The clutch is stronger and grabs harder than the factory clutch. It has a much more robust feel and engagement. And with this specification the clutch will never be a weak point. The SPEC clutch is designed to work with the stock dual mass flywheel or with a lightweight aluminum single-mass flywheel.

    The real weak point in the driveline is in the flywheel. The stock dual-mass flywheel has rubber damper discs inside that will wear out over time. Heat and aggressive driving will accelerate their wear. Even if the clutch contact surface is not showing wear the inner rubber linings most likely are. On most clutch replacements we strongly advise getting a new flywheel at the same time to avoid duplicating the work. You can use the SPEC clutch with the stock or aluminum flywheel. A machined steel flywheel is also an option as a middle ground. Both the SPEC steel and aluminum flywheels are lighter than stock and will be single-mass. There will be a lot more noise and 'gearbox chatter' with the aluminum but the tradeoff is a much better acceleration and quicker revving. For daily driver commuting you will probably be happiest with the stock flywheel. For the ultimate in sports car feel use the aluminum.

    SPEC Clutch is one of the premier clutch and flywheel suppliers to the tuner market. They are often found on the most highly tuned import and domestic vehicles. They are recent players in the German car community with a special focus on the newer turbo BMW models with high torque output. SPEC has been proven time after time to provide superior performance, drivability, and longevity to the most hardcare enthusiasts around the globe.

    E36 M3 SPEC Clutch Kit contents:
    + carbon-Kevlar clutch disc
    + heavy-duty pressure plate
    + heavy duty throw-out bearing

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    1996-1999 E36 BMW M3
    Part #: SB053H
    Regular Price: $679.00 (USD)
     Sale Price: $611.10 (USD) 
    This replacement "sprung-hub" clutch package is designed to work with our (JB Racing) lightweight aluminum flywheel for the BMW E36, E46, Z3, and Z4 models. The Sachs HD clutch disc has a sprung hub to minimize noise and vibration and organic linings to give the feel and engagement of a stock clutch.

    The Sachs HD pressure plate will clamp with greater force -- allowing approximately 350 ft-lbs of torque, which makes it an obvious upgrade from the stock clutch kit.

    Because Sachs is an OE supplier to most German cars, replacement parts are just a phone call away. This kit uses the stock throw-out bearing (included in the price!).

    **Not for use with stock flywheel or other brands of lightweight flywheels**
    Part #: 881861999855-K
    Price: $928.95 (USD) 
    The ultimate in a racing flywheel and clutch! This was developed for use in our E36 and E46 World Challenge Touring Cars. The combined weight of the clutch and flywheel is only 11lbs!!!

    This multi-disc (2 or 3 disc setups) offer a minimal flywheel mass (enough to include a factory ring gear for the starter) and a small 5.5" clutch assembly rated to 500hp. By saving as much weight as possible less energy is used in simply spinning the flywheel/clutch assembly and that means a lot more power and torque is available at the drive wheels. The flywheel and clutch is one of the first areas that engine builders address when making the rotating assembly lighter for race engines and this is among the most advanced and lightest racing clutch kits available for your BMW race car.

    The JB Ultra-Light Performance racing clutch is available in 2-disc or 3-disc setups. We used the 5.5"/140mm size in our Touring Cars but larger sizes are available too. This is a turn-key racing clutch and flywheel kit that you don't have to engineer or spec yourself. This is the same clutch setup we used when winning the 2003 and 2004 Touring Car Championships - the quality and performance is unquestionable. That series also employed standing starts at each race and this clutch setup performed flawlessly with nearly a full season of racing on them before needing a change.

    JB Ultra-Light flywheels include:
  • precision CNC machined aluminum flywheel
  • zero-balanced up to 10,000 RPM
  • replaceable hardened steel clutch friction surface
  • Helicoil threaded inserts
  • high-strength grade 10.9 hardware
  • multi-disc racing clutch with Performance racing pressure plate
  • JB Racing throw-out bearing with custom bobbin

  • This is a true racing clutch and will not function as a street-able clutch at all. It behaves as an on/off switch with no slippage allowed. Extreme care must be used when driving on to trailers and around the paddock. But when driven correctly the life span of this clutch is amazing - we could get a full season of racing a 300hp M54 from this clutch setup including standing starts at every race! Replacement clutch components and flywheel rebuilding are available.

    A properly adjusted clutch stop is required for use with this clutch kit.

    Stock Flywheel + Clutch Weight = 45+lbs
    JB Ultra-Light Flywheel & Clutch Weight = 11lbs

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    1992-1999 E36 BMW 325i 325is 328i 328is M3
    1999-2006 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 328i 328ci 330i 330ci (5-speed)
    1997-2002 Z3 BMW Z3 2.3 Z3 2.5i Z3 2.8 Z3 3.0i M Roadster M Coupe
    2003-2005 E85 BMW Z4 2.5i (5-speed)
    Part #: WCCLUTCH
    Price: $1,899.00 (USD) 
    Whether your E36 M3, MZ3 or any 6 Cylinder E36 or Z3 is used for drag racing, drifting, or just embarrassing exotic supercars on the street, you need a clutch that can handle the abuse. This Twin Disk / Flywheel kit is ideal for cars with up to 1000hp including Turbocharged or Supercharged E46 M3's.

    Everybody is on a budget these days and the coin spent on some of the best parts does not have to spin up as fast as your boost gauge.

    Developing class-leading flywheel and clutch technology to even greater heights, UUC has developed a significantly new Twin Disk flywheel/clutch package designed for BMWs developing the highest levels of power from a turbo boost or supercharging. Two disks is that much more torque capacity and that much more tolerance of hardcore flogging. Amazingly, they have done this at a price competitive with the best traditional single disk systems.

    Until now, taming a 600hp+ BMW meant living with a clutch that was the stereotype "on/off switch" with rough engagement characteristics that made daily-driving a compromise. By incorporating larger disks than the average multi-disk clutch, the UUC design maintains original equipment smooth operation yet easily handles power levels approaching 1,000hp.

    Larger surface area of a smoother-functioning material is the key to combining the characteristics of high torque capacity with street-friendly operation in this all-new design. This may be the rare combination in high performance of best bargain and best performance.

    Total rotating mass of the complete flywheel and twin clutch package is 25.5lbs, the same total mass as a typical 11.5lb flywheel coupled with the clutch.

    Choose the Organic compound for cars with less than 850hp or the Feramic compound for cars with less than 1000hp.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    1992-1998 E36 BMW 323is 323ic 325i 325is 325ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
    1991-1995 E34 BMW 525i
    1997-2002 Z3 BMW Z3 2.3 Z3 2.5i Z3 2.8 Z3 3.0i M Roadster M Coupe

    Due to limited availability, please call to order.
    Part #: UUC-TD-B1
    Price: $1,799.00 (USD)