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    BMW E39 Caliper Rebuild Kits

    Brake caliper piston seals are there to maintain brake system pressure and prevent fluid from leaking out from inside the caliper. When a seal goes bad or becomes damaged the brakes lose pressure, leading to a soft brake pedal, sticking caliper, or even a total loss of your brakes. Brake calipers also need periodic rebuilds because the inner piston can seize from rust. With a piston stuck in the retracted position, the brakes are no longer functioning on that wheel. If the caliper is stuck in the extended position it's putting clamping force on your brakes - dragging the brakes, front wheel vibrations, pulling to one side, excessive brake dust and heat, and potentially even a brake pad fire. For cars that see significant track use, regular caliper rebuilds are essential because higher temps lead to rubber seal failures sooner.

    Rebuilding your calipers should be part of a regular brake overhaul. The calipers must be removed from the car and disassembled. It's not a particularly difficult job to do but is messy and takes some expertise so that you don't ruin the piston or new seals. Rebuilding calipers is more cost effective than buying replacement calipers. However you service the calipers don't prolong their maintenance until it's too late!
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    For accurate results, specify your year and model below.
    As Used on Project E36 M3
    A kit to rebuild one front caliper. Always replace in pairs.

    Part #: 34111157037
    Price: $24.95 (USD) 
    A kit to rebuild one front caliper includes caliper piston seals. Price is per caliper.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2011 E82 BMW 1M Coupe
    2008-2011 E90 BMW M3 - Sedan
    2008-2013 E92 BMW M3 - Coupe
    2008-2013 E93 BMW M3 - Convertible
    1997-2003 E39 BMW 525i 528i
    2004-2010 E60 BMW 525i 525xi 530i 530xi 528i 528xi 528i xDrive 535i 535xi 535i xDrive 545i 550i
    2010+ F07 BMW 535i GT, 535i xDrive GT, 550i GT, 550i xDrive GT
    2011+ F10 BMW 528i 528i xDrive 535i 535i xDrive 535d 535d xDrive 550i 550i xDrive
    2004-2010 E63 BMW 645ci 650i
    2012+ F12 BMW 640i 640i xDrive 650i 650i xDrive
    2013+ F06 BMW 640i Gran Coupe 640i xDrive Gran Coupe 650i Gran Coupe 650i xDrive Gran Coupe
    2002-2008 E65 BMW 745i 745li 750i 750li 760i 760li
    2009+ F01 BMW 740i 740li 740li xDrive 750i 750li 750i xDrive 750li xDrive 760li
    2007-2013 E70 BMW X5 3.0si X5 4.8i X5 xDrive30i X5 xDrive35d X5 xDrive35i X5 xDrive48i
    2014+ F15 BMW X5 sDrive35i X5 xDrive35d X5 xDrive35i
    2008-2014 E71 BMW X6 xDrive35i
    2015+ F16 BMW X6 sDrive35i X6 xDrive35i
    Part #: 34111163647
    Price: $24.95 (USD) 
    Rebuild kit to replace the seals and dust boots on one rear caliper (see application list).

    1999-2003 E39 M5
    2001-2006 E46 M3 **except ZCP Competition Package**
    1999-2006 E53 X5, all
    Part #: 34211166238
    Price: $19.95 (USD) 
    Stoptech Big Brake calipers are designed to be serviced and rebuilt just like any factory caliper. The pistons will probably last the life of the car but the seals can become brittle from extreme heat or extreme cold. Sometimes they just get damaged from debris. For racing environments it's best to rebuild the calipers often (maybe even several times a year). At least you should always have spare caliper seals on hand.

    These are the genuine Stoptech caliper seals (dust boots and pressure seals). We sell these to service a PAIR of pistons (1 boot and 1 seal per piston). You will need to measure your existing pistons or seals to order the correct rebuild kits. Sorry, there are too many variables to tell you which pistons you have with only your car info. It's easy to measure and you don't have to remove the pistons from the calipers. Stoptech pistons are metric sized and in 2mm increments. Use the chart below to match your measurments to a rebuild kit.

    There are a few ways to determine which caliper seals you need. You can measure from the overall outside diameter of the dust boot (A); the inside diameter of the piston (B); or the outside diameter of the piston body (not the tip protruding from the seal!) (C). If measuring the piston body the whole piston has to come out of the caliper housing. Just measuring the tip will give a false measurement. Remember to measure each of your pistons as piston sizes can vary even within the same caliper. Click the image at left for a larger version.

    Use the table below to determine which Stoptech rebuild kit you need:
    Outer Boot
    Diameter, "A"
    Piston Inner
    Diameter, "B"
    Piston Outer
    Diameter, "C"
    Stoptech Kit #
    36 11.70 26 143.99026K
    38 13.45 28 143.99028K
    40 15.20 30 143.99030K
    42 16.95 32 143.99032K
    44 18.70 34 143.99034K
    46 20.45 36 143.99036K
    48 22.20 38 143.99038K
    50 23.95 40 143.99040K
    52 25.70 42 143.99042K
    54 27.45 44 143.99044K
    56 29.30 46 143.99046K

    We sell rebuild kits for a PAIR of pistons - 1 seal and 1 boot per piston. For example -
    For a 4-piston caliper you only need to order 2 rebuild kits.
    For a 6-piston caliper you only need to order 3 rebuild kits.
    But make sure you measure each piston!

    These rebuild kits fit with StopTech caliper pistons only. Sorry, returns are not accepted for opened piston seal kits.
    Price: $25.00 (USD)