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    BMW E39 Borla Performance Exhaust Systems

    We've been big fans of Borla Exhaust for BMWs since we opened our doors in 1993. Borla produces some of the best-sounding, lightest, longest lasting exhausts on the market. These systems are made in the USA with true T-304 stainless steel inside and out and backed with a 1,000,000 mile warranty. Borla puts and emphasis on quality by using stainless steel throughout their piping and muffler bodies (not a mild steel or coated aluminum). This ensures the muffler does not deteriorate from the inside out. Borla designs their exhausts to complement a BMW's understated sportiness, not overpower it. Borla produces each system to have a deep, sporty tone that doesn't offend or intrude on the cabin. So you hear the exhaust when you want to, not all the time. Most Borla BMW exhausts are a true-cat back and bolt or clamp to the original catalytic converter for an easy install. Each system is engineered for the application and refined in their own sound lab - changing pipe sizing, layout, and incorporating mufflers and/or resonators as needed to achieve a sporty yet refined sound. Borla also produces full race exhausts for the committed enthusiast with cat-delete and test pipes.
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    Section: cat-back center resonators, x-pipe, quad rear mufflers
    Installation: slip on
    Tip Style: quad round 76mm Borla angle cut
    Power Gain: +12hp

    The Borla E39 M5 exhaust is a true cat-back system that does an excellent job of enhancing the V8 rumble without being outrageously loud. This is a civilized and composed exhaust note that gives a hint of V8 rumble. It's perfect for an M5 used as daily transportation because you get the V8 exhaust note without waking the neighbors. All of the feedback from customers has been positive, making this a clear choice for an M5 exhaust upgrade. This system clamps to the original catalytic converters and includes dual resonators and x-pipe in the center, and four rear mufflers like the factory system.

    Quotes from M5 Borla owners:
    "They are considered on the quiet side when compared to other exhaust for our cars, but I think the sound is perfect... nice, refined, low rumble, and with absolutely no drone."
    "I was looking for a loud exhaust for my M5, and the Borla is more of a civilized note similar to the Dinan exhaust. The fitment is great and required no tweaks, quality is great as well."

    Every Borla is made with 304 stainless steel for the internals and muffler body. Unlike other systems that can use coated aluminum, mild steel, or 409 stainless, the Borla uses true 304 stainless on the inside as well as the outside. This prevents the muffler from rusting and deteriorating from the inside out. Borla guarantees every muffler with a 1,000,000 mile warranty. Turner Motorsport has been the leading Borla dealer for BMW exhausts since we sold our first system in 1996, including using Borla Exhausts on all of every Turner BMW racecar.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2000-2003 E39 BMW M5
    Part #: 14942
    Price: $1,738.99 (USD)