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    BMW E53 Bentley Repair / Service Manuals

    Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer? Backyard mechanic? Tinkerer? Or a novice just starting out? Let the manual be your guide! We sell Bentley Service Manuals for most BMW models. They are widely regarded as the best source of how-tos, instructions, guidelines, and information on BMW repair procedures. You will find a wealth of useful information in these repair manuals that even an experienced home mechanic can use. A Bentley Repair Manual not only includes step-by-step guides but also data tables for filling quantities, tightening torques, Inspection I/II maintenance tables, wiring diagrams, and, of course, more. Bentley manuals cover all aspects of the car - General Data and Maintenance, Engine, Transmission, Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Body, Body Equipment, and the Electrical System. Having one of these manuals on hand can literally save you time and money.

    For the E30 M3 we also sell the excellent Koala Motorsport CD-ROM Repair Manual. It's filled with information and tech procedures specific to the S14 engine and the E30 M3. The E30 Bentley Manual and the E30 M3 CD-ROM make an unbeatable service manual for the M3.
    You're currently viewing parts for your (E53) X5 2000-2006. Reset your chassis
    For accurate results, specify your year and model below.
    The most comprehensive service manual available for your 2000-2006 X5 sport activity vehicle (SAV) there is. 1240 page and over 2100 photos, illustrations and diagrams. Covers all model E53 chassis X5 including 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006 X5 3.0, 4.4i, 4.6is and 4.8is.

    Models and engines:
    3.0i M54 engine, 6-cylinder 3.0 liter
    4.4i M62 TU engine, V8 4.4 liter
    4.4i N62 engine, V8 4.4 liter (Valvetronic)
    4.6is M62 TU engine, V8 4.6 liter
    4.8is N62 engine, V8 4.8 liter (Valvetronic)

    Engine management systems (Motronic):
    Siemens DME MS 43
    Bosch DME ME 7.2
    Bosch DME 9.2.1

    Transmissions (remove, install, external service):
    Manual 5-speed S5D 280Z
    Manual 6-speed GS6-37BZ
    Automatic 5-speed A5S 390R
    Automatic 5-speed A5S 440Z
    Automatic 6-speed GA6HP26Z

    Part #: BX56
    Price: $103.95 (USD)