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    BMW E92 Internal Engine Parts

    Rebuilding your engine or giving your cylinder head an overhaul? Internal engine components covers parts that are located within the engine block and cylinder head. Examples include: timing chains and tensioners, rocker arms, rod bolts and studs, head bolts, valve springs, connecting rods, and more. These are Genuine BMW engine parts, performance upgrades, or approved aftermarket brands that have a long track record of reliability and quality.
    You're currently viewing parts for your (E92) 3-Series Coupe 2007-2012. Reset your chassis
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    NEW & REVISED!!! ARP has released a new version of their race-grade M3 connecting rod bolts and its better than ever before. ARP connecting rod bolts use a new super-alloy material called "Custom Age 625 Plus" that is over 30% stronger than the previous chrome moly. ARP S65 connecting rod bolts are precision CNC-machined to exacting specifications and designed for optimum reliability and designed for the endurance racing environment. These rod bolts are heat-treated with threads which are rolled to provide up to ten times more fatigue strength. If you're replacing your rod bearings these rod bolts are far superior to standard the OE BMW fasteners in terms of durability and ability to withstand stresses. This set of rod bolts is made specifically for the S65 4.0 liter V8, as found in the 2008-2013 M3 and replaces the previous ARP kit part number RBK_S65.

    This newly formulated super-alloy demonstrates superior fatigue cycle life, tensile strength and toughness – with complete resistance to atmospheric corrosion and oxidation. ARP is the first to develop manufacturing and testing processes for fasteners with Custom Age 625+. Best of all it is less expensive and expected to soon replace MP-35 as the material of choice in the high strength, super-alloy field. Typical tensile strength is 260,000-280,000 psi. Custom Age 625 Plus exceeds the strength of 8740 Chrome Moly or ARP2000 spec, with a yield strength of 235-255,000 psi and tensile strength of 260-280,000 psi. ARP fasteners are used widely in motorsport and drag racing with naturally aspirated and forced induction setups. These are simply the best connecting rod bolts available.

    These ARP connecting rod bolts fit the following BMWs:
    2008-2013 E90 M3 sedan
    2008-2013 E92 M3 coupe
    2008-2013 E93 M3 convertible
    Part #: 201-6001
    Price: $466.93 (USD) 
    If you are using a premium fastener, such as the ARP brand rob bolts, head bolts, or main bolts, then you will want this assembly lube. Made to be used to precisely duplicate all ARP fastener preload specifications. Available in 3 sizes -- single use 0.5oz packet, 1.69 fl oz tube, or 10oz bottle (select your size below)
    Price: $2.75 (USD) 
    These head bolts secure the head to the block and should be replaced any time the head is removed from the car. 1 set is required per head.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2008+ E90 BMW M3 - Sedan
    2008+ E92 BMW M3 - Coupe
    2008+ E93 BMW M3 - Convertible
    05/2008-2010 E60 BMW M5
    05/2008-2011 E63 BMW M6
    Part #: 11127838831
    Price: $40.95 (USD) 
    The timing chains on the S65 engine are under pressure from two spring-loaded tensioners (one for each bank). The tensioners put pressure up against the guide rails for each chain. With reduced pressure the chains will not slide along the rails smoothly. They can rattle and make a loud light metallic noise (especially when cold). This can also damage and wear the rails. Or worse, if the chain was loose enough and stretched it could jump off the teeth of the chain sprockets. Periodic replacement of the tensioners will keep your engine smooth and quiet and prolong the life of the timing chain and guide rails. This is an Original BMW part.

    Sold per tensioner with the seal ring. The S65 engine has two tensioners but they do not have to be replaced in pairs.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2008-2011 E90 BMW M3 - Sedan
    2008-2013 E92 BMW M3 - Coupe
    2008-2013 E93 BMW M3 - Convertible
    Part #: 11317839053
    Price: $73.95 (USD) 
    These are the Torx screws that secure the valve cover to the cylinder head on BMW's with the N51 or N52 engine. Sold individually. 15 required per engine.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2008+ E82 BMW 128i
    2006-2011 E90 BMW 328i 328xi 328i xDrive - Sedan
    2006-2012 E91 BMW 328i 328xi 328i xDrive - Wagon
    2007-2013 E92 BMW 328i 328xi 328i xDrive - Coupe
    2007-2013 E93 BMW 328i - Convertible
    2004-2010 E60 BMW 528i 528xi 528i xDrive
    2011 F10 BMw 528i
    2004-2010 E83 BMW X3 2.5i X3 3.0i X3 3.0si
    2011 F25 BMW X3 xDrive28i
    2007-2010 E70 BMW X5 3.0si X5 xDrive30i
    2007-2008 E85 BMW Z4 3.0i Z4 3.0si
    2009+ Z4 BMW Z4 sDrive30i
    Part #: 11127558448
    Price: $3.95 (USD) 
    This is the OE BMW valve keeper (collet) used to hold the valve spring and seats in place on the valve stem. If you're doing any valve work on the engine these are an absolute must!

    Price is per keeper and each valve requires two.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2008-2012 E82 BMW 128i 135i 1M Coupe
    1992-1999 E36 BMW 323is 323ic 325i 325is 325ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
    1999-2005 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi
    2001-2002 E46 BMW M3
    2006-2010 E90 BMW 325i 325xi 328i 328xi 328i xDrive 330i 330xi 335d 335i 335xi 335i xDrive - Sedan
    2006-2010 E91 BMW 325xi 328i 328xi 328i xDrive - Wagon
    2007-2010 E92 BMW 328i 328xi 328i xDrive 335i 335is 335xi 335i xDrive - Coupe
    2007-2010 E93 BMW 328i 335i - Convertible
    1991-1995 E34 BMW 525i
    1997-2003 E39 BMW 525i 528i 530i M5
    2004-2010 E60 BMW 525i 525xi 530i 530xi 528i 528xi 528i xDrive 535i 535xi 535i xDrive 545i 550i
    2004-2011 E63 BMW 645ci 650i
    2002-2008 E65 BMW 745i 745li 750i 750li
    2004-2010 E83 BMW X3 2.5i X3 3.0i X3 3.0si
    2000-2006 E53 BMW X5 3.0i
    2004-2006 E53 BMW X5 4.4i X5 4.8is
    2007+ E70 BMW X5 3.0si X5 4.8i X5 xDrive35i X5 xDrive48i
    2009+ E70 BMW X5M
    2008+ E71 BMW X6 xDrive35i X6 xDrive50i
    2009+ E71 BMW X6M
    1997-2002 Z3 BMW Z3 2.3 Z3 2.5i Z3 2.8 Z3 3.0i M Roadster M Coupe
    2003-2008 E85 BMW Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i Z4 3.0si
    2000-2003 E52 BMW Z8 Roadster
    Part #: 11341461405
    Price: $1.95 (USD)