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    BMW F01 Wheel Bolts, Wheel Studs and Nuts

    Any time you use a wheel spacer you MUST have a longer wheel bolt or wheel stud to properly fasten the wheel to the hub. We offer extended wheel spacer bolts in silver and black finish in a variety of lengths to fit many spacer sizes. We're up to date on the different thread sizing as well - 12x1.5, 14x1.25, and 14x1.5 so we can supply wheel bolts for just about any BMW or MINI.

    Add the spacer thickness to your stock bolt length and that is your ideal extended bolt length. We generally sell bolts by spacer thickness but there may be exceptions. It's always best to measure from the wheel bolt you're currently using. When we list the total length of a bolt it's from the base of the mounting seat to the tip. To be considered safe, a 12x1.5 wheel bolt needs 10mm (6.5 turns) of thread engaged; a 14x1.25 or 14x1.5 bolt needs 12mm (9.0 and 7.5 turns) of engaged thread.
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    For accurate results, specify your year and model below.
    If you are installing wheel spacers you will need longer bolts to accommodate the extra width. BMW changed their wheel bolt specs around 2006 to use a larger diameter bolt with a rare thread pitch. These 14 x 1.25mm black spacer bolts are correct for the models listed below and have a 17mm head (same as stock). Watch out if you're buying spacers and bolts for these cars as some other retailers are still not up on the change...

    Bolts are sold per bolt (each). You can enter the quantity you need below after clicking Update Price button below or from the shopping cart.

    Choose the extended length bolt you need below based on the size / thickness of the wheel spacer you are using.

    These 14x1.25 bolts fit the following BMWs:
    2012+ F30 BMW 328i 335i - Sedan
    2010+ F07 BMW 535i GT, 535i xDrive GT, 550i GT, 550i xDrive GT
    2011+ F10 BMW 528i 535i 535i xDrive 550i 550i xDrive
    2009+ F01 BMW 750i 750li 750i xDrive 750li xDrive 760li
    2011+ F25 BMW X3 xDrive28i X3 xDrive35i
    2007+ E70 BMW X5 3.0si X5 4.8i X5 xDrive30i X5 xDrive35d X5 xDrive35i X5 xDrive48i X5M
    2008+ E71 BMW X6 xDrive35i X6 xDrive50i X6M
    2007+ R56 MINI MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S
    2007+ R55 MINI MINI Cooper Clubman, MINI Cooper S Clubman
    2007+ R57 MINI MINI Cooper Convertible, MINI Cooper S Convertible,
    Part #: 14253501X
    Price: $4.25 (USD) 
    Made in the USA
  • USE WITH 14x1.5 NUT

  • MSI Racing specializes in hardware for motorsports and other advanced industries and their wheel studs are some of the very best in the professional motorsports world. MSI is already a major supplier to teams in the top NASCAR categories and we tried them on our Grand-Am/IMSA racecars and were very impressed by the performance and durability of their designs. After testing them over the course of a few endurance seasons we decided to offer them to all of our customers as well. These studs are available in three overall lengths - 70.5mm, 80.5mm, and 100.5mm. All sizes are made with aircraft quality material and have roll formed threads. The coating is a dry film lubricant HM-30 coating containing Teflon & Moly over a manganese phosphate finish. This coating process reduces friction and wear to prevent thread galling. Another benefit is that these have the best corrosion resistance we have seen in any wheel stud! A dry lube stud has the most corrosion resistance than a plain black coating because the lube is applied over the black phosphate coating. Salt tests have shown this stud is superior to others in corrosion resistance. Other features of our MSI studs include a large bullet nose nut-starter and a properly sized shank to work with a wider range of BMW wheel, nut, and brake rotor combinations.

    These studs are the perfect choice for endurance racers, sprint racers, track-only cars, or even hardcore street cars. The bullet nose on this stud is deeper than other studs we have used. More of the stud protrudes through the open nut so that everything lines up better on the threads. This helps to eliminate the possibility of cross-threading or thread stripping. In addition, the shank has been machined for proper brake rotor alignment. The dry lube helps the nut engage and glide over the threads for faster pit stops without cross threading or binding.

    We configured these studs to have a 14x1.25 thread to go into the wheel hub. But the exposed stud has 14x1.5 threads. We did this because threading a nut is faster on 1.5 threads than a finer 1.25 thread pitch, which saves time during pitstops. We chose to roll our studs to 14x1.5 because there are far more nut options in that size. When you order our 14x1.25 studs make sure you also order the 14x1.5 nuts.

    FREE red threadlocker with purchase of a full set of wheel studs (16 or more)
    MSI Dry Lube Bullet Nose Wheel Stud Features:
  • Dry film lubricant HM-30 coating containing Teflon & Moly over a manganese phosphate finish
  • Innovative nut-starter and bullet shape radius that all but eliminates cross-threading
  • Properly sized shank to work with a wide range of brake rotor, wheel, and nut combinations
  • Heat-treated aircraft quality alloy steel
  • Developed from over 20 years of top level NASCAR use

  • These studs are installed using the traditional 'double-nut' method (one regular nut and one jam nut) with thread locking compound (Red Turbo-Lock or similar).

    Sold per stud.
    Part #: MSI-M14X125
    Price: $11.95 (USD)