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    BMW MZ4 Cylinder Head Parts & Head Bolts

    Cylinder head parts include all of the pieces of the valvetrain, lifters, rocker arms, head studs, and head bolts. We sell the original BMW or OEM head parts as well as performance upgrades such as titanium valve retainers, upgraded springs, and head studs. We also sell valve shim kits which are perfect for DIY E30 M3 S14 and E46 M3 S54 valve adjustments.
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    Virtually every top professional BMW engine builder relies on ARP Pro Series head studs, particularly on the S54 3.2 liter engine. ARP uses a premium grade 8740 alloy that is rated far superior to "aircraft" quality. Each stud is heat-treated to 200,000 psi, ensuring complete heat penetration. ARP studs are threaded after heat-treat, which gives them 1000% (that's ten times!) better fatigue strength than studs threaded prior to heat-treat. Threading the studs after heat-treating is more difficult and costly (as it's harder on tooling) but the results are well worth the effort. These simply are the best S54 head studs we've found for the E46 M3 6 cylinder engines, and we highly recommend them in both the racing and forced induction arena. (Due to the additional clamping force between the head and block, these are IDEAL for turbo charging and supercharging!)

    Converting from the factory BMW head bolts to head studs makes it much easier to assemble an engine, especially a racing powerplant which must be serviced frequently (and quickly!), and also ensures proper alignment of the head and gasket. Head studs also provide more accurate and consistent torque loading. Here's why: When you use bolts to secure the head, the fastener is actually being "twisted" while it's being torqued to the proper reading. Accordingly, the bolt is reacting to two different forces simultaneously. A head stud should be installed in a "relaxed" mode -- never crank it in tightly using a jammed nut. If everything is right, the stud should be installed finger tight. Then, when applying torque to the nut, the stud will stretch only on the vertical axis. An information sheet is provided with each set. Kit includes everything pictured -- 14 head bolts, washers, bolts and assembly lubricant.

    These head studs fit the following BMWs/engines
    2001-2006 E46 M3 coupe & convertible
    2001-2002 MZ3 M Roadster & M Coupe (with S54 engine)
    2006-2008 MZ4 Z4 M Roadster & M Coupe
    Part #: 201-4303
    Price: $225.89 (USD) 
    BMW recommends valve adjustments every 30k miles on your S54 equipped BMW. We have all the parts you will need to do the job in one discounted package. The kit includes all the Genuine BMW valve shims, valve shim tool, and all the gaskets and seals you will need.

    Kit includes:
    11127832034 x 1 - Valve Cover Gasket
    11127831271 x 6 - Spark Plug Hole Gasket
    11121437395 x 2 - Valve Cover Seal Washer Grommet
    11127830972 x 13 - Valve Cover Nut Grommet
    11340031525 x 1 - Valve Shim Set
    83300493743 x 1 - Valve Shim Tool

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2001-2006 E46 BMW M3, M3 Convertible 2001-2002 Z3 BMW M Roadster M Coupe 2006-2008 Z4 BMW Z4 M Roadster M Coupe
    Price: $650.80 (USD) 
    BMW recommends valve adjustment every 30,000 miles on the S54 engine. This genuine BMW valve shim kit includes a 23 different size shims ranging from 1.72mm to 2.6mm. There are 6 of each shim.

    If you are adjusting the valves you will also need valve cover gaskets and we recommend the shim tool.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2001-2006 E46 BMW M3, M3 Convertible
    2001-2002 Z3 BMW M Roadster M Coupe
    2006-2008 Z4 BMW Z4 M Roadster M Coupe
    Part #: 11340031525
    Price: $486.95 (USD) 
    For BMW's with S54 engines, these valve springs are made with premium Superclean Chrome Silicon Vanadium Steel alloy for high performance and durability at high rpms, with better memory. These are extremely high quality, offered at the best price.

    Computer designed to ensure that the wire stress levels do not overpass the limits of stress defined in the diagrams of fatigue for long durability under extreme racing conditions. Computer software allows Supertech to make sure that the harmonics are well under control.

    The retainers are manufactured with high quality military certified Titanium alloy, CNC machined for a tight fit that will ensure a long durability.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2001-2006 E46 BMW M3
    2001-2002 Z3 BMW M Roadster M Coupe
    2006-2008 E85 BMW Z4 M Roadster M Coupe
    Part #: SPRK-2521\BM
    Price: $739.00 (USD)