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    Turner Stage 2 Race Software for E9X M3
    Part #: E9X-M3-SOFTWARE-STAGE2

    As used on the Lime Rock M3
    Max HP gain = 17 hp
    Max Trq gain = 19 ft-lbs
    Rev Limit = up to 8600 RPM

    Our Race software was co-developed along with our cat-delete Test Pipes and our IMSA E92 M3 racecars. Dyno-tuned and race-proven, this software will get the most from a cat delete upgrade on the E9X M3. The combination of the software and Test Pipes produces over 40whp and 30wft-lbs with no other modifications - a massive gain on an already impressive engine.

    Our Race software has been fine-tuned over the years beginning with our IMSA/CTSCC E92 M3 racecars (2011 GS class champions). We modify over 40 different maps in the ECU for such things as fuel and timing maps at part throttle and full throttle, revised torque settings, knock control, VANOS and cam timing, pedal input, top speed limiter, and rev limiters. Additional tuning has been done for the cat delete - prevent limp mode and check engine lights, fault codes for cat delete, and turning off the secondary air pump. Turning off the secondary air pump also disables the cold start sequence so your idle and warm-up will be smoother and quieter. A built-in cold start rev limiter safeguards the engine internals until the oil warms up. Not only is there a lot more power at all RPM but the engine is more responsive and smoother!

    The Race software is only for cars with the primary cats removed via Test Pipes or similar race exhaust. We developed this along with our own Test Pipes but the software can also be used with other brands of cat-delete pipes too. In addition to our own exhaust, we have used our software with the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust, Supersprint cat-delete and sport cats, aFe race center pipes, Borla Test Pipes, and others. If you have other modifications done to your M3, we can supply you with specially-developed software to maximize the gains from those upgrades. Click on the blue banners below to see more detailed information on the software options we offer. Select all those that apply in the menu below.

    Turner Motorsport has been developing software on the S65 since our first car in 2008. Since then we have done software projects for street, track, full-race, stroker, and supercharged engine builds using the stock MSS60 DME or a stand-alone Bosch or Motec system. Engine tunes have been developed and checked on our Dynapack chassis dyno and further refined with real world testing. Our Race software is based on the tuning we did for the CTSCC racing series, which we won the championship in 2011. For track cars, our Stage 2 cat-delete software will clear check engine lights and faults related to cat and air pump delete (to satisfy race series regulations).

    Our software is installed via the Turner flashing OBD tool. This tool plugs into the OBD socket in the dash and the performance software is installed from a laptop computer connected to the tool. It also works as a fault code scanner to read and reset diagnostic trouble codes and reset adaptations. The software program requires a Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 laptop and the installation and setup are very easy. The OBD tool, cable, and files are shipped to you with simple setup instructions. There is no need to remove your ECU and ship it. You can have your M3 flashed in under an hour from the convenience of your garage or driveway!

    E9X M3 Stage 2 Power Gains:
    Spec Power Gain (Engine) Torque Gain (Engine)
    Software upgrade alone +17hp +19ft-lbs
    Software and Test Pipes +48hp +33ft-lbs

    Stage 2 Race Software Options:
    Minimum Octane
    (click to expand)
    You can choose between 91 or 93. We have developed tuning for the standard 'high octane' premium fuel found around the country (91 is the maximum available in some areas). Our power and torque gains are advertised with 91. If using 93 we can alter the knock sensor logic to extract more power with the higher grade fuel. Additional race fuel maps are also available, contact us for details.
    Rev Limit
    (click to expand)
    We can set a higher engine rev limit to keep you in gear longer and avoid an untimely upshift. 8,300 is stock; 8,400 is what was used on the GTS model in Europe; 8,600 is the safest raised rev limit that we have used in our race cars. On DCT cars the higher rev limits are for M shift modes only (manual/paddle shift). The higher revs do not work in full auto D modes. Work is continuing on higher limits for D mode.
    Launch Control
    (click to expand)
    Our software can also enable a Launch Control feature. To use it, activate M Dynamic Mode, engage first gear, hold the throttle to the floor (it will only rev to 3,500 RPM), and dump the clutch. Keep your foot to the floor and hang on! You don't have to modulate the clutch and throttle - the engine and DSC modules will handle the launch. We experimented with different launch points and found that 3,500 RPM offers a great combination of tire hook-up and torque output. This is available on manual transmission cars only (DCT has their own built-in launch control).
    Disbale Cold Start
    (click to expand)
    This feature is for off-road/track driven cars only. Under the original setup, a secondary air pump will turn on when the engine is started. This is to add fresh air to mix with the rich fuel mixture and heat the catalytic converters faster (rich mixtures are bad for the cats). The air pump stops running when the engine gets to a specified temp and the fuel mixture leans out. Unfortunately, the air pump system raises the idle and produces a very harsh and loud tone to the exhaust. The sound is worse when the catalytic converters are removed (such as on a track or race car) because the exhaust is more open. We will disable the air pump system so it does not activate when the engine is started. You get a super smooth and quiet startup that is a night and day difference compared to the original. This feature should only be used on cars that have had cats removed because the rich fuel mixture at startup will degrade the catalytic converters much quicker.
    M Dynamic Mode Steering
    (click to expand)
    We can set the M Dynamic Mode (MDM) steering effort as the standard steering. The MDM steering is heavier and requires more effort when driving at higher speeds. Some owners feel that the standard steering is too light and over-boosted and the MDM steering is a nice change. This does not affect the steering effort, or the other features, of MDM.
    240E Update
    (click to expand)
    Our performance and race software is built around a specific version of stock BMW software (version 240E). It was released towards the end of M3 production and includes a number of significant changes over older versions for drivability and torque management. 240E was such a big step forward that it's considered an upgrade all on its own. No worry if you don't have 240E - we will provide you with a free update before the Turner performance software is installed.

    In 2015 BMW released a 241E update. There are minor changes to the software code but the tuning maps and data are all the same as the 240E version so there is no need to update to 241E. If the dealer offers it we recommend that you decline. If you're already on 240E there is no reason to switch to 241E (the tuning maps are the same).


    click for high quality

    This part alters or deletes the emissions equipment on your car. Because of this, we require a waiver of emissions compliance to be signed and sent in to TMS. You can download the waiver here.

    This performance engine software (reflash) is for the following BMWs:
    2008-2011 E90 BMW M3 - Sedan
    2008-2013 E92 BMW M3 - Coupe
    2008-2013 E93 BMW M3 - Convertible

    Select Product Options:

    *VIN  Click here for more information about this option...
    VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):
    Manual transmission
    DCT transmission
    *Minimum Octane  Click here for more information about this option...
    91 minimum octane (#91OCTANE)
    93 minimum octane (#93OCTANE)
    *Choose your rev limit:  Click here for more information about this option...
    8,300 RPM (stock)
    8,400 (M3 GTS) (+8400 REV LIMIT)
    8,600 RPM (+8600 REV LIMIT)
    *Add Launch Control?  Click here for more information about this option...
    No Launch Control.
    Yes, add Launch Control at 3,500 RPM (manual transmission only). (+LAUNCH)
    *Disable Cold Start?  
    Yes, disable the cold start secondary air pump (recommended!) (+COLD START)
    No, do not disable cold start.
    *Use M Dynamic Steering?  Click here for more information about this option...
    Don't change the steering effort.
    Use M Dynamic Mode steering as standard. (+MDM STEERING)
    Select any other upgrades you plan to use with this software.  Click here for more information about this option...
    No other upgrades - I will only be using this with cat-delete pipes.
    Sport Exhaust (+EXHAUST)
    Cold Air Intake (+INTAKE)

    Base Price: $999.00 (USD)
    Customized Price: $999.00 (USD)

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    1. Anonymous User on 1/7/2015, said:

    At first, the software wasn't compatible with my year of M3, an early production model. However, the turner team worked very hard to make it work and when it did... boy did it work. Overall I'm very pleased with this software and the cat delete as well, and I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone with an M3.
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