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    Crankcase Oil Separator Repair Kit - E46 E39 X5
    Part #: 11617534237 (11-61-7-534-237)
    Brand :

    The E46 and E39 crankcase vent (CCV) system uses a cyclone oil separator to divide oil vapor and liquid oil. The system runs on engine vacuum and a pressure valve so that excess oil does not enter the intake manifold during peak vacuum / engine load. Under ideal circumstances, the oil vapor would pass back into the intake and get burned up during normal combustion. The liquid oil would follow a path back down into the oil pan and be reused. This system is environmentally friendly but plagued with problems. If the pressure regulating valve fails in the closed position the oil will back up into the cylinder head and valve cover. If the separator valve becomes stuck open liquid oil can make its way into the intake manifold and then into the engine and combustion chamber (burning oil or even hydrolock). Frequent short trips where the engine never gets to full operating temps will only make the situation worse. In addition, cold oil also contains water vapor which will freeze in cold climates and create an oil sludge that is impossible to clear.

    Symptoms of a bad E46 CCV system are: excessive oil consumption, blue smoke from the tailpipe, oil in the intake boots and manifold, misfire codes, rough running and stumbling, very wet and oily spark plugs, lean running faults, and vacuum leaks. If left alone, a failed CCV will continue to worsen and lead to much bigger headaches or even a complete engine failure (hydrolock)!

    Replacing the CCV system on E46 and E39 cars is a moderately-sized job. The system is composed of the cyclone oil separator and multiple plastic vacuum hoses. The plastic hoses dry out and crack over time (a big source of vacuum or oil leaks) so it's very likely that they will break when you disconnect them. Save yourself the frustration and plan on replacing them all together. Also replace the dipstick guide tube and vent hose as they are probably plugged with oil sludge.

    BMW addressed these issues with a Service Bulletin and updated parts (SI B11 08 03). This kit is the updated cold climate CCV Oil Separator from BMW. The vacuum hoses are now insulated with a foam sleeve to trap heat inside. This promotes vapor separation from the oil.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    1999-2005 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi
    1999-2005 E46 BMW 325i 325ci 325xi - M54 engine only
    2001-2003 E39 BMW 525i 530i
    2000-2006 E53 BMW X5 3.0i

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    *Add Hose from Oil Separator to Dipstick?  
    *Add Hose from Oil Separator to Intake Manifold?  
    *Add Oil Dipstick Tube?  
    *Add Oil Dipstick Tube O-ring?  

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