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    Turner 2012 F30 335i Project Car

    ** Updated 02/23/2015 **

    As soon as we heard word of the release of the new 2012 F30 3-series chassis we instantly knew we wanted one as soon as we could get our hands on it. After months of anticipation, watching and waiting for the status to change on the BMW build progress site, we have finally taken delivery of our 335i Sport Line.  



    Fortunately for us we are one of the first Tuners to have one of these latest 3 series in our hands and of course we have already started work on it to make it the newest Turner 335. We chose the simple white on black combination again to keep it uniform with our previous project cars such as the E90 M3 and E92 335.  

    Why the 335i?
    Since the first 335i came out back in 2007 it has become synonymous with tuning. We have seen hundreds and hundreds of E9X 335s come through our shop in the last 5 years and many have been modified in multiple ways (inter-coolers, blow off valves, downpipes, exhausts, coilovers, brakes, intakes and software) and that is exactly the route we want to take with our latest project car, the 2012 335. In fact, we did not even have the car a full day before we put it on the lift and installed some new H&R Sport Springs. (More Info Below).

    Although the new F30 335i has a slightly different motor we believe that it will continue to be a widely tuned BMW. SO why didn't we get the 328?, we chose the 335 because we wanted to stick with a power plant that we were familiar with, the traditional BMW inline 6 cylinder power plant. Don't get us wrong, the new 328i is an awesome car with an amazing motor, which we assume will also have a ton of tuning capability but we love the BMW inline 6. The sound and linear power is something we just can't get enough of. 

    Having a brand new F30 335 here on hand means we have instant access at all times to develop our own new products, as well as the ability to test fit newly released offerings from our trusted vendors. Not only does this mean a more rapid delivery of new products to the market, but it means a higher degree of knowledge as well as better product quality control.

    Here you'll find information, articles, and all of the performance parts, modifications and enhancements we have made to our F30 335i. You'll also find photos, galleries, and video clips of our brand new 335 as we capture them (coming soon!). Check back often, as we'll be doing extensive work on this 335 in the coming weeks.

    The Gallery:

    Week 1: H&R Sport Springs

    Within 24 hours of getting our brand new 335 at the shop we decided it would be appropriate to get it on the first available lift to pull the wheels and install some H&R Sport springs. Installation was very similar to that of an E90 spring kit. The major difference was the rear shock towers. We did not have to rip apart the interior to remove the rear struts which made the process much less invasive. They lowered the car roughly 1.3" in the front and about 0.6" in the rear. The springs reduced body roll, sharpened steering feel and response as well as acceleration and braking.

    In addition the springs help to firm up the fairly "soft" stock sport suspension without going to stiff making the ride unpleasant. Overall these springs are a great improvement over stock and are recommended for anyone looking to give the F30 a sportier feel and look.

    The first week has come to an end. We have roughly 150 miles on the car and we are really beginning to like this new 3-series. The interior is comfortable, the ride is smooth, the power from the N55 is strong, and sport + mode is awesome! More miles to come to get it ready for the initial base run on the dyno and more!

    Week 2: Forgeline CF3C Concave Series Wheels

    We have installed our brand new Forgeline CF3C Concave Series wheels on our F30 and they look awesome! The fitment on these wheels is PERFECT. There is no better fitment out there. We bolted the wheels up with no use of spacers and there was absolutely no rubbing anywhere.

    If you are looking for the perfect fit wheels for any F30 3-series these are the wheels. The offset and size look great and fit great. We are incredibly happy with them. We wrapped these wheels in our signature Continental DW tires. We have 275/30/20 in the rear and 225/40/20 front tires. As always these tires are great in the wet and dry.

    Week 3: Baseline Dyno

    We put the 335i on the dyno for a baseline before we start to do things like software, intake, and other modifications. We want to make sure we document the increase of power each modification will make. To do this we had to get a good baseline dyno run to mark the starting point. We were very happy with the starting rear wheel horsepower numbers.

    After doing a series of dyno runs with the car we concluded that the results were consistent enough. The car put down 276.88 rear wheel horsepower and 308.50 ft-lbs of torque. Not bad for a car right from the factory. The N55 in the new F30 proves to be just as potent as its predecessor, the N54, but with one less Turbo.

    Week 8: BMW Performance Big Brake Kit

    Finally BMW has begun to make BMW Performance Parts for the new F30 cars. As soon as these brakes became available in early May we jumped right on them. We have had them on the car now for about 2 days and they have been great. They provide both a huge aesthetic improvement over the stock 335i brakes as well as some performance gains. This kit includes 4 piston Brembo high performance fixed aluminum calipers front and 2 piston fixed aluminum calipers rear. The kit also includes improved thermal resistance thanks to larger, internally ventilated, lightweight sport brake discs. The dimpled and grooved brake discs are 370x30mm front and 345x24 rear.

    The kit also inlcudes front and rear brake pads, front and rear painted backing plates as well as front and rear pad wear sensors. Note: The rear brake rotors must be ordered separately.

    BMW Recommends that your BMW Performance Brake kit be done at the dealership because of a necessary reprogramming and bleeding process for maximum performance improvement. The programming allows the traction control and ABS programming to adapt to the new brake calipers and rotors allowing the brakes to work harder before the ABS system intervenes. This brake kit gives the car a much better brake pedal feel with more initial bite with no added noise or dust. Overall we are happy with this brake kit and its improvements on the car.

    We also installed some BMW Performance Black Grills and Carbon Mirror covers for on our F30 as well. Both the grills and mirror covers are very high quality and fitment is perfect. A write up for the grills can be found here. F30 Grill Installation Stay tuned for some more exciting performance modifications to the 335i. Rumor is that performance software is next.

    Change Up: A new look

    Initially we chose to go with the Titanium finish CF3C which was a great looking wheel and finish but we wanted something that would push this car to really pop. We decided to go back and try a look we had in the past, satin black centers with body matched white lips which we think make this car something different, standing out from other F30s. In addition to changing the wheels, we also decided to upgrade the brakes to something with proven stopping power, Stoptech. We enjoyed the BMW Performance big brake upgrade and it did improve overall brake feel but we were looking for something a bit more aggressive.

    The BMW Performance big brake upgrade is an relatively inexpensive improvement compared to other big brake kits, no doubt there. We would suggest it for any F30 328i owner as well as 335i owners looking for an aesthetic upgrade and a minor upgrade in brake performance. We recommend anyone looking for a huge improvement in their braking performance go with the StopTech kit for F30 3-series. The ST60 front caliper and 380mm front rotor with an ST40 rear caliper and 345mm rear rotor are an effective combination for the F30.    


    StopTech Big Brake Kit for F30 3 Series

    After installing the new StopTech big brake kit on our F30 the pedal feel was instantly improved. Like mentioned before we chose to go with the ST60 front caliper with 380mm drilled and coated rotors. In the rear we chose an ST40 4 piston Caliper with 345mm coated and drilled rotors. The install of this StopTech Big brake kit is like most other BMW applications. Some trimming of the brake backing plates may be required but other than that they bolt right on with the provided brackets. The BMW Performance Big Brake Kit for F30 came with a Brembo 4 piston front caliper and 2 piston rear caliper with 370x30mm front rotor and 345x24mm rear rotor. Another key difference between the BMW Performance big brake kit and the StopTech is that the StopTech rotors are actually drilled while the BMW Performance rotors are dimpled.

    If you are looking for increased braking torque with no sacrifices a StopTech big brake kit is the answer. StopTech maximizes braking efficiency through all four wheels and tires giving your BMW the right amount of brake proportioning. Traction is crucial in braking properly and too much either front or rear bias can compromise traction, handling and control. StopTech matches each of their big brake kits to the specific application giving you the best possible performance improvement on the street and track.

    F30 M Performance Front Splitter

    This spoiler is awesome. The BMW Performance front splitter can be added to the F30 M Sports Package (or Aerodynamic Package) front bumper for a much more aggressive appearance. The splitter is the horizontal aero trim piece located below the bumper and is used to direct air either above or below it. This piece also includes the two front "lips" on either side of the bumper below the spoiler ducts. Together, the M Performance Splitter is a dynamic and pronounced visual impact to the subtly-aggressive M Sport bumper.

    This installation of this bumper is for the most part painless. It lines up to factory mounting holes in the bottom of the M sport bumper and requires some beta link adhesive in a couple spots. Installation time is under an hour on a lift. It is a good idea to tape the spoiler into position for a couple hours to let the adhesive bond and harden up.

    Updated Photos:

    Changing Gears: Limited Slip Differential

    Unlike the M cars, the 335i does not come with a limited slip differential from the factory, even though we strongly believe it should be offered for all BMWs. In many applications BMW has tried to compensate for the lack of the LSD with traction control. Although BMW traction control is extremely good it still cannot substitution a limited slip unit. This is why we chose to develop a custom differential for the new F30 335i. This unit is a helical type differential allowing both the real wheels to spin together when accelerating and decelerating.

    In many of our limited slip applications we elect to change the ring and pinion which is the gears that determine your final drive gear ratio. For example in our E92 M3s we typically suggest doing a 4.10 replacing the stock 3.85. With the F30 335i we chose to keep the stock ring and pinion which is a 3.23, perfect for a turbo car, especially when running more boost.    

    The benefits of this helical limited slip unit are obvious from the first time leaving the parking lot. The power is distributed more evenly between both rear wheels minimizing tire slip. This allows for more power to be transferred to the road providing improved acceleration times and more control at full throttle. This control and even distribution of power to the rear wheels makes the car a blast to drive. The deceleration into a corner and the acceleration out of the corners is noticeably improved. The limited slip unit ensues much more confidence behind the wheel allowing the driver to enjoy the car much more.

    We are currently testing this unit and will have it available for other F30 owners soon. Please contact our sales department with questions.

    NEW: aFe Momentum Stage 2 Intake
    Turner is proud to be the first in the BMW Parts world to have our hands on one of these cool new intakes from aFe Power. We are even lucky enough to exclusively sell these to help launch this new line. aFe has taken a completely new approach with these new Momentum intake kits. Basically, the goal is to use the least amount of parts possible, keeping it as simple as possible. Learn more below.    

    Introducing the brand new aFe Momentum Stage 2 Intake for F30 335i. The AFE momentum intake for the F30 335i is ridiculously easy to install. If we were to do it again it would probably only take about 5 minutes or less. The instructions are complete and spot on. The kit comes complete with the intake tube, filter, filter housing and couple pieces of hardware keeping the install extremely easy.

    The install basically boils down to un-clamping the stock tube, disconnecting the MAF sensor and popping out the stock tube and box (they are just held in by three rubber grommets) that’s the first half. Then transfer the MAF sensor and one rubber grommet from the tube (the two on the box stay in the car), pop in the AFE intake (box and filter first then the tube), attach MAF sensor, tighten hose clamps and your done. We would guess that the average install time on this intake would be 15-20 minutes depending on experience.

    Our first driving impressions with the kit was the subtle increase in turbo noise at certain RPM under full load. The blow-off/diverter valve was noticeably louder when letting off throttle at full boost. Throttle response was virtually the same but it did seem like some increase in power was slightly noticeable. We believe the real draw to this kit is the fit and finish of it. It literally looks like it came from the factory with this intake on the car! The intake tube and filter housing fit perfectly. The under-the-hood aesthetics are virtually unchanged.

    The second huge draw to this kit is the ease to installation, there is nothing easier that you can install on your car other than maybe a pair of fuzzy dice. The same amount of work is required to change the panel filter, why not change the whole intake! Get your aFe Momentum Stage 2 Intake today. Click here to SAVE 10% and FREE SHIPPING today!

    Vorsteiner Flow Forged Wheels

    Vorsteiner is renowned for crafting their high quality, fully-forged, custom wheels for some of the finest vehicles in the world. However, these wheels come with an equally high price. Thankfully, Vorsteiner has created a flow-forged wheel with nearly all of the benefits and qualities of a fully-forged wheel, but at a fraction of the cost.

    For our F30 335 we chose the Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Series in a Matte Textured Gunmetal finish. This particular finish not only looks awesome, but features a unique texture. The wheels run 20"x 8.5" in the front and 20"x 10" rear.

    **NOTE** Vorsteiner has discontinued the V-FF 101 Series of flow forged wheels, and because of this they are no longer available.

    To replace the V-FF 101 series Vorsteiner has created the V-FF 103 Flow Forged Series of wheels. The V-FF 103 share a similar appearance to the 101s, but feature an even more aggressive and stylish design. Just like the previous V-FF 101 generation of wheels, the V-FF 103s are made to the same exacting standards Vorsteiner has become renowned for, offering the same combination of great design, light weight and high strength. The V-FF 103s look great on any F30 3-series or any other modern BMW. Check out the Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Flow Forged Series.

    The Gallery:

    More F30 Media & Press:

    Short Drive Review: Turner F30 335i Sport click here

    Bimmerfest 328i F30 Project Car click here

    First F30 with H&R Springs Article click here

    DIY Installing Black Grills on F30 click here

    F30 328 and 335 Performance Parts:


    click to enlarge

    H&R Sport Springs for F30 328/335 (2012+)
    This spring set will help firm up what many consider to be a fairly "soft" stock suspension (at least for a BMW Sport Package car). They will also make a noticeable visual improvement to the F30 335 or 328s stance, reducing the perceived fender gap of the stock ride height by 1.3" front, and 0.6" rear over the stock suspension. 

    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    Bilstein PSS10 Coilover Kits for F30 328/335
    Bilstein's best and hottest suspension setup is now available for the F30 3 series sedan. This system features 10-way adjustable dampeners/shocks and front and rear ride height adjustment. This is one of our favorite "trackable" street suspension setups, great for any 3 series (320i, 328i, & 335i) BMW. On the softest settings, it's compliant enough for typical city and highway driving, and on the firmer settings it's firm and sure-footed enough for occasional track driving. Whether you plan to track your car or not, you'll love the handling transformation of the PSS10.

    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    Turner Front Aluminum Strut Brace for F30 328/335
    Improve the handling and steering response of your BMW today with a Turner Motorsport strut brace. Turner Motorsport developed these in association with our European partners to provide a higher quality and better performing strut brace than our competitors. Made of aircraft grade aluminum these strut braces - also know as a "stressbar" - help to minimize chassis flex during the hardest cornering, which keeps your tires squarely on the road and delivers the traction you need when you need it most. Shock absorption is also increased, which reduces road forces and body roll and lends a firmer road-feel. Strut braces provide benefits for both street driven and track driven BMW's. 

    Click here to order.


    click to enlarge

    aFe Momentum Stage 2 Intake Kit for F30 335
    This Stage 2 Sealed Intake for BMW F30 335ii with N55 turbo motor, produces 11HP, 15LBS. x FT. of torque and outflows the factory intake by 37%. This sealed air intake system features a washable/reusable 7.5" conical air filter that improves airflow for increased horsepower, torque and throttle response.

    HP gain = 11HP
    Trq gain = 15 ft-lbs
    Super easy install!

    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    aFe Scorcher Engine Programmers for F30 328/335
    There's no secret to getting additional power from a turbo engine - turn up the boost! But it's easy to take things too far and become "boost drunk". If what you're after is a generous bump in power without worrying about reliability, compromises, or additional modifications the aFe Power Scorcher is perfect for you. We've tried the Scorcher in a number of different BMWs and can report back that it works flawlessly!

    HP gain = up tp 40 hp
    Trq gain = up tp 80 ft-lbs
    Plug And Play Engine Harness!
    Power Without Worry!

    Click here to order.


    click to enlarge

    Turner Integrated Vent Gauges for F30 328/335 (2012+)
    The integrated vent gauge will help BMW F30 328i and 335i owners monitor, measure and troubleshoot their BMW's performance by providing live data displayed on an OEM-styled multifunction gauge. The F30 integrated gauge features live performance data for boost/vacuum, coolant temp, intake air temp, exhaust gas temp, throttle position, Speed, RPM with shift light, battery voltage and more!

    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    BMW Performance Alcantara Interior Kits for F30 328/335 (2012+)
    Give your F30 a performance oriented feel by changing out your interior trim with this Alcantara and carbon fiber interior kit. This kit is made by Genuine BMW Performance and covers your center console between the seats as well as the dash panel and door covers. We really like the look of this kit in our F30. Comes complete with M Performance stitched in the Alcantara on the passenger side.

    Click here to order.


    click to enlarge

    Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Flow Forged Wheels for F30 and F32 (Set of 4)
    Vortsteiner is known around the world for their pure and aesthetically pleasing products and what they add to any BMW. Thanks to Flow-Forging technology, Vorsteiner has been able to offer wheels worthy of their Forged reputation, but at a price point previously unthinkable. Flow Forging is the latest in Lightweight Alloy Technology that brings quality performance wheels at a fraction of the pricing of forged wheels. Exceptional strength to weight ratio with VIA & JWL safety certified.

    Vorsteiner's Flow Forged V-FF 103 wheel features both modern "tech" appeal and classic flowing lines. These new wheels are the perfect match to any F30 3-series or F32 4-series, whose body lines also walk a similar line of the future and a classic heritage. It's no wonder these wheels look incredible on the newer BMWs. Available in 19" and 20" diameters, both with an aggressive staggered fitment that yields a perfect stance.

     Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    Forgeline CF3C Forged Alloy Wheels for F30
    These wheels have a shallow concave in the front and deep concave in the rear. A titanium center and tinted clear outer. Forgeline wheels have been mounted on championship-winning cars of the Speed World Challenge and Grand Am Cup race series for numerous years.

    20x8.5 Front

    20x10 Rear

     Click for more info on Forgeline wheels & how to order.

    click to enlarge

    Genuine BMW Performance M Double Spoke 405 Wheels
    These striking 20" one-piece forged alloy performance wheels are designed for increased strength and less weight. They feature gloss grey outer spokes and darker grey inner spokes for a unique look that helps make your BMW stand out from the crowd. This set of 4 wheels & tires includes 2 - 8x20 front wheels with 225/35r/20 Pirelli P Zero RSC run flat tires and 2 8.5x20 rear wheels with 255/30r/20 Pirelli P Zero RSC run flat tires

     Click for more info on BMW Performance wheels for your F30 & how to order.


    click to enlarge

    F30 Genuine BMW Performance Black Chrome Grills 
    These direct replacement center grills let you eliminate the stock chrome kidney/center grills, feature perfect fit and beautiful finish, and give a darker more aggressive look to your 2012+ F30 3 series sedan. Set includes two matching black grills, left and right. Made from impact resistant long life ABS polymer, these are Genuine BMW Performance grills so a perfect fit is guaranteed.

    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    F30 Genuine BMW Performance Front Splitter 
    This BMW Performance front splitter can be added to the F30 M Sports Package (or Aerodynamic Package) front bumper for a much more aggressive appearance. The splitter is the horizontal aero trim piece located below the bumper and is used to direct air either above or below it. This piece also includes the two front "lips" on either side of the bumper below the spoiler ducts. Together, the M Performance Splitter is a dynamic and pronounced visual impact to the subtly-aggressive M Sport bumper. This is the factory BMW Performance part.

    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    BMW Performance Carbon Mirror Covers 
    These F30 3 series carbon fiber mirror covers are made of high quality twill weave carbon fiber, and install in minutes. These are not your typical (and inferior) imitation carbon fiber grills which bubble up over time -- these grills are beautifully wrapped in REAL carbon fiber, which is treated with a special UV protected clear coat to protect them from the elements. You wouldn't want anything less on your BMW.

    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    Turner Motorsport Official Windshield Banner 
    Turner Motorsport vinyl graphics are made from high performance cast graphic film, which has superior resistance to sunlight and adhesive longevity. The Turner Motorsport Logo is printed in super high quality vinyl inks giving the banner a professional look. We currently offer the Turner Motorsport logo in either white or silver, with gloss black trim on a matte black background. Just like the ones on our Turner Motorsport Project Cars!

    Click here to order.


    click to enlarge

    BMW Performance Big Brake Kits for F30 328/335 (2012+)
    The BMW Performance Big Brake Kit for F30 335i and 328i is the perfect brake upgrade for the BMW enthusiast that is just not satisfied with the look and feel of the factory brake system. This big brake kit is an awesome value too! Less than half the cost of a similar Brembo kit.

    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    StopTech Big Brake Kits for F30 328i, 335i 
    StopTech Brakes puts championship-winning race technology and state-of-the-art engineering under your feet. StopTech's Front Big Brake Kit for the 335i is engineered to work with the stock brake hydraulics and ABS/DSC system. StopTech builds each kit around the specific vehicle, engineering the system to achieve the correct brake balance. This brake upgrade gives better stopping performance in everyday driving, aggressive street driving, or all-out track days.

    Front ST-60 Caliper in Black with 355x32mm cross drilled rotors.
    Rear ST-40 Caliper in Black with 342x28mm cross drilled rotors.

    Click here to order.


    click to enlarge

    TURNER Corsa Performance 3.5" Cat-Back Exhaust - F30 335i for F30 328/335 (2012+)
    The TURNER Corsa exhaust for the F30 335i (Not Xi) is a full cat-back system in a super large 3.5" tubing diameter. With a turbo engine like the N55 larger piping in the exhaust helps the turbo to push exhaust gases. The turbos become more efficient and are working less hard which helps with their longevity. The Corsa cat-back flows 35% better than the stock system! And a noticeable power boost comes with it too!

    This system bolts to the catatlyic converters just like the factory exhaust, and includes a center resonator and two large rear mufflers. This system has been tuned to deliver a barking exhaust note at full throttle while remaining civilized and toned at moderate throttle openings and no drone at highway cruise! This exhaust features a single round 4.0" tip per side in either polished stainless or diamond black finish. The cat-back layout and extra large piping contribute to an 14hp gain on the dyno.

    This exhaust is built completely from T-304 stainless steel, including the flex pipe, resonator, and mufflers

    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    Akrapovic Evolution Stainless Steel Exhaust System - F30 335i, F32 435is for F30 328/335 (2012+)
    Made of austenitic stainless steel, these systems feature a newly developed layout with two central link pipes replacing the single stock pipe, a new muffler design, and carbon fiber tailpipes.

    This Akrapovic Evolution exhaust improves upon the stock exhaust system of the BMW 335i in numerous areas. The first visible improvement is the additional power of 7.1 HP (at 5.850 rpm) and 10.7 Nm (at 3500 rpm). The range between 2.000 rpm and 3.000 rpm and at 3.500 rpm was particularly improved. A noticeable improvement can also be observed at high RPM where the Evolution gives more power. The dual-mode ECU-controlled valve exhaust from Akrapovič offers stock-level sound at normal cruising, and a joyful deep sporty note when driving the 335i more dynamically. The Evolution systems replace the stock exhaust from the catalytic converters back.

    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    BMW Performance 335i Exhausts for F30 328/335 (2012+)
    This is a factory BMW M Performance exhaust for the 2012+ F30 335i Sedan. This is a factory BMW accessory so it fits great, looks and sounds phenomenal, and is exceptional quality. The sound is mildly more aggressive than the stock exhaust with a slightly more throaty note. This exhaust will waken up the stock 335i personality with a better sound and improved flow. If you feel the stock exhaust is just TOO quiet this is a great option without going overboard. A unique high-tech look is provided by two chrome-plated 80mm exhaust tips which are laser engraved with the ///M logo. This exhaust system includes the rear muffler and exhaust tips. A BMW factory exhaust clamp is included to mount to the factory cat section.

    Click here to order.

    click to enlarge

    Borla "ATAK" Sport Exhaust Systems for F30 328/335 (2012+)
    This stainless steel rear exhaust section replaces the heavy (and restrictive) stock exhaust system on the F30 335i. Shed excess weight and restriction, and get a better sound! The ATAK system -- Acoustically Tuned Applied Kinetics -- allows a very high volume without drone and distortion. This is beyond the usual 'muscle car' sound - this is full blown automotive thunder

    Click here to order.

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