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    Turner Motorsport Tech Tip:

    How to Replace a BMW Hood Emblem

    If your BMW hood badge needs to be replaced, here's a great "how to" tip that shows you how to change that BMW hood emblem in just a few steps, and without any fancy tools. Whether your BMW hood badge is chipped, faded, scratched, peeling or just plain missing, this step-by-step DIY walk through will help show you how to quickly and easily replace a BMW hood badge. 

    Figure 1-Tools
    1. Buy a new BMW emblem from Turner Motorsport and make sure you have the proper tools:

      • A thin small bladed screwdriver
      • A small plastic paint scraper (optional)
      • Clean rag or towel to prevent any scratching on your BMW's paint. 

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        Buy one now!

    2. Lay cloth over paint as close to the emblem as possible. Place the screwdriver over the cloth and under the edge of the emblem. Lift up on emblem very slowly and evenly. 

    3. Slide paint scraper or flat head screwdriver under the emblem keeping the cloth between the paint and tool. 
    4. Slowly slide the screwdriver or paint scraper further beneath the emblem while also slowly prying the emblem upward. 

    5. Pull emblem slowly up and away from your BMW's hood. 

    6. Replace rubber grommets in hood with the new ones supplied with your new emblem. 

    7. Line up the back of the emblem with the rubber grommets and push down with moderate pressure.

    Figure 2

    Figure 3

    Figure 4

    Figure 5-Finished!
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