BMW Crankcase Vent, PCV, and Oil Separator Systems for BMW E10 2002tii M15 2.0L

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Every car has a crankcase vent system that is supposed to suppress oil from making it into the intake ports and combustion chamber. A good functioning system will separate oil from the atmosphere and return it to the oil pan (or collect it in a catch can) while allowing the leftover vapors to burn in the combustion chamber or recirculate through the system. This has always been known as a PCV system (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) but BMW has several other names for it - oil separator, crankcase vent (CCV), and cyclonic separator. Failures in the system will allow raw oil to enter the intake and eventually into the engine itself which can have disastrous effects on engine performance and longevity. As emissions regulations on oil and gas venting have gotten more stringent the PCV systems have gotten more complex and failure prone. And because the CCV is intertwined with other systems you could have rough running, loss of power, higher oil consumption, misfiring, stalling, or other annoying issues. There is no replacement interval for these so we recommend inspecting your crankcase vent system as part of your regular maintenance routines. Symptoms of a bad crankcase vent are: whitish or yellowish film on the underside of the oil cap, whistling/squealing noises (not caused by a belt), suction on the oil cap that makes it hard to unscrew, large amounts of white smoke from the exhaust, and excessive oil consumption.
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Turner Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit - 10oz
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When we designed this catch we wanted to have the most function options available, the best separation method, and the easiest to service. The Turner engineered catch cans offer a pre-setup design based ion desired flow direction, however this does not limit you to this flow. The inner baffle orientation can be easily adjusted to flow in both directions in case you decide to move this catch can to a different vehicle. A 4 chamber system  baffle system inside the catch can was engineered to create multiple changes in the direction of airflow within the separator to cause oil droplets to fall out of suspension before exiting the catch can. Having a closed / recirculated design reduces oil ingestion and promotes cleaner emissions and odor-less operation.

Our catch can was also designed with the idea that the cans fill level can easily be checked with a top mounted dipstick and an optional use bottom drain hole. The drain system comes complete with a valve and hose to be mounted at a lower area of the vehicle so when you're doing an oil change you can drain the catch can.

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  • 6061-T6 billet machined body, anodized black for lasting protection and appearance
  • Strategically positioned 4 chamber baffle system maximizes oil / air separation 
  • Knurled and b