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BMW E28 Hawk HT10 Racing Brake Pads

BMW E28 Hawk HT10 Racing Brake Pads For over 15 years, Hawk Performance has dominated the racetrack by providing champions with cutting-edge friction materials. Whether you are looking to improve your braking ability during the next lapping day or looking to make your move on the final lap, Hawk has you covered with a wide array of Motorsport Compound Pads. The HT10 Compound offers a smooth initial bite and a higher torque level, high fade resistance and maximum operating temperature than the Hawk Blue compound. Optimum temp range on these is 300-1,300 degrees Fahrenheit (150-870 degrees C).

These pads are strictly for track use ONLY! Unlike some of the pads appropriate for street driving, Hawk HT10's are not designed to perform at the low temperatures that are normally experienced in ANY street car.
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Hawk HT10 Race Brake Pads - Front - E24, E28, E30 M3 The Hawk HT10 compound combines the high torque levels of the aggressive Hawk Blue with a revised friction compound that makes it easier to modulate and wears nicer on rotors. The HT10 remains consistent over a wide range of temps and can even work when cold. It's been a popular pad for racers looking for the performance of a Hawk Blue but is not as harsh on rotors.

Features and Characteristics:
+ very high torque performance
+ high temp range
+ up to 1300*F
+ mild abrasive metallic content does not require high heat to work
+ excellent modulation at high temps+ a 'friendly and easy' pad to use

FRONT SET of Hawk HT10 Racing brake pads.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1984-1991 E30 BMW M3
1982-1988 E28 BMW 524td 528e 533i 535i 535is
1982-1989 E24 BMW 633csi 635csi
Part #: TMS2512
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