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BMW E30 M3 Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel Upgrades

BMW E30 M3 Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel Upgrades

hasmanufactured and supplied high quality lightweight aluminum flywheels to theperformance industry for over 25 years. JB is the original designer andmanufacturer of the BMW E36 aluminum flywheel. JB Racing is constantly expandingtheir flywheel line to include the latest performance applications such as; MiniCooper and BMW E46 325/330, and Z4 utilizing the new 6-speed (SMG) transmission. ALL of the current dual-mass replacement flywheels are designed to accommodatemost of the common sprung-hub clutch discs to minimize the gearbox “rattle.”Sachs, S.P.E.C., Clutch Net, and others manufacture sprung-hub discs that willclear in the center hub cavity of these flywheels.

All of their flywheels are designed, manufactured, and assembled in-house attheir  Florida facility which allows to maintain stringent quality control.You simply cannot buy a higher quality lightweight aluminum BMW flywheel… atany price!

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E30 M3 JB Racing Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel Aluminum flywheels are much lighter than the stock steel flywheel and that produces better throttle response and more available horsepower to the wheels for faster acceleration. The JB Racing aluminum flywheels are a direct replacement for the stock flywheel and work with stock clutch components for an easy upgrade with very little downside.

Modern flywheels are built with additional components and features that are designed to dampen and minimize vibrations from the engine and transmission. As a result they have become bloated in weight and that means more energy is used up just making the flywheel spin. The weight difference between an aluminum and steel flywheel is huge - sometimes more than 50% less. Without the additional mass, more energy can be diverted to where it counts most - moving the car. The flywheel and clutch is one of the first areas that engine builders address when making the rotating assembly lighter for race engines. The dampening effect is just not needed on cars that are focused on performance.

In addition to releasing more power to the wheels, the lighter flywheel allows the engine to spin more freely, which improves throttle response. Again, the difference is huge as you watch the revs build faster than before. With the engine spinning easier the power band comes up much sooner. The stock steel flywheel feels lazy in comparison. There is a driving adjustment required to get used to how much faster the engine revs but that's not really a downside.

The JB lightweight flywheel is designed to be used with a factory organic clutch - the same clutch kit that you would get from any BMW dealer. This makes replacement clutch components easy to source and inexpensive when compared to specialized racing clutches. By using the factory BMW clutch, JB has also made the whole assembly easy to live with when used on the street. The clutch behaves the same as it originally did - just with better throttle response and more power! The JB flywheel can also be rebuilt with a new clutch contact surface - you don't have to buy a new flywheel.

Aluminum flywheels are considered 'single-mass' flywheels because they do not have the same dampening designs as an original 'dual-mass' flywheel. With a single-mass design more noise and vibration may be noticeable. There are steps you can take to minimize the noise - heavier weight transmission oil and clutch discs with anti-rattle springs (sprung-hub clutch).

The JB flywheel includes ignition trigger wheel.

Stock Flywheel Weight = 19.5lbs
JB Flywheel Weight = 8.0lbs

This item fits the following BMWs:
1987-1991 E30 BMW M3
JB Racing
Part #: 520-050-228
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E30 M3 JB Racing Ultra-Light Racing Clutch/Flywheel Assembly The ultimate in a racing flywheel and clutch! This was developed for use in our E36 and E46 World Challenge Touring Cars. The combined weight of the clutch and flywheel is only 11lbs!!!

This 2-disc clutch offer a minimal flywheel mass (enough to include a factory ring gear for the starter) and a small 5.5" clutch assembly rated to 500ft-lbs. By saving as much weight as possible less energy is used in simply spinning the flywheel/clutch assembly and that means a lot more power and torque is available at the drive wheels. The flywheel and clutch is one of the first areas that engine builders address when making the rotating assembly lighter for race engines and this is among the most advanced and lightest racing clutch kits available for your BMW race car.

The JB Ultra-Light Performance E30 M3 racing clutch is available only in a 2-disc setup. The 2-disc configuration is considered more than adequate for the S14's torque output. Anything with more torque capacity is not advisable as the lack of slip could damage other components in the transmission and engine crankshaft. On our M54-powered 325i Touring Cars (approximately 300hp) we used the 5.5"/140mm 2-disc configuration. The 5.5" clutch was a perfect blend of performance and durability. It wasn't too small to suffer from high temperatures and wasn't too large that it couldn't be slipped (slipping prevents damage to other components). This is a turn-key racing clutch and flywheel kit that you don't have to engineer or spec yourself. This is the same clutch setup we used when winning the 2003 and 2004 Touring Car Championships - the quality and performance is unquestionable. That series also employed standing starts at each race and this clutch setup performed flawlessly with nearly a full season of racing on them before needing a change.

JB Ultra-Light flywheels include:
  • precision CNC machined aluminum flywheel
  • zero-balanced
  • replaceable hardened steel clutch friction surface
  • Helicoil threaded inserts
  • high-strength grade 10.9 hardware
  • multi-disc Sachs or Powertrain Technology racing clutch with racing pressure plate
  • JB Racing throw-out bearing with custom bobbin
    This is a true racing clutch and will not function as a street-able clutch at all. It behaves as an on/off switch with no slippage allowed. Extreme care must be used when driving on to trailers and around the paddock. But when driven correctly the life span of this clutch is amazing - we could get a full season of racing a 300hp M54 from this clutch setup including standing starts at every race! Replacement clutch components and flywheel rebuilding are available.

    A properly adjusted clutch stop is required for use with this clutch kit.

    Stock Flywheel + Clutch Weight = 40+lbs
    JB Ultra-Light Flywheel & Clutch Weight = 11lbs

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    1987-1991 E30 BMW M3
  • JB Racing
    Part #: TMS182518
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    E30 M3 Sport Evo BMW Motorsport Lightweight Flywheel This Genuine BMW Motorsport part (used on the Sport Evo M3s) is a precision machined and balanced lightweight steel flywheel. The stock flywheel weights 19.5 lbs, the Motorsport flywheel is under 12 lbs! This lightweight flywheel will allow the motor to "spool up" faster, improving acceleration. This is a perfect flywheel upgrade for someone who does not want a full aluminum lightweight flywheel and also wants factory Motorsport parts on the E30 M3. After the Turner performance chip this is the next biggest "bang for the buck" for your M3. Flywheel mounting bolts available separately.

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    1987-1991 E30 BMW M3
    Genuine BMW
    Part #: 11221312519
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