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BMW E36 M3 Intake Manifold Components (DISA, Vacuum, CCV, Etc)

BMW E36 M3 Intake Manifold Components (DISA, Vacuum, CCV, Etc) The intake manifold takes incoming air from the intake and distributes it to each cylinder. Over the years the manifolds have gotten more sophisticated and complex. Most of the additional work that it does is emissions-related - recirculating vapors back into the engine to be re-used. But there are also performance innovations such as BMW's DISA variable intake runners. All of the modern innovations have a part behind it and here you will find replacement components.

In some BMW models there are performance improvements with intake manifolds. These intake manifold upgrades use mostly BMW parts and are a direct replacement for your stock manifold. We offer manifolds and kits to make the conversion work easier.
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Crankcase Vent Hose - From Valve Cover to Oil Separator - E36 E39 Z3 This Crankcase Vent Hose - From Valve Cover to Oil Separator fits BMWs with the M52 or S52 6 cylinder engines.
When doing any sort of repair or maintenance there is no replacement for genuine factory parts. Turner Motorsport carries the Genuine BMW brand with pride and has the parts you need to complete your next project with confidence.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1996-1998 E36 BMW 323is 323ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
1996-1998 E36/7 BMW Z3 2.8
1996-2000 E36/7 BMW M Roadster M Coupe
1997-1998 E39 BMW 525i 528i 530i 540i M5
Genuine BMW
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Crankcase Vent Valve - E36, E39, Z3 The crankcase vent valve (CVV) holds and releases oil vapors that build up in the engine. It's the same type of system previously known as a PCV valve and the same deficiencies exist. Over time, the CVV will become saturated and clogged with oil. When this happens, the oil-rich vapors from the engine will back up into the intake tract and eventually into the combustion chamber. The oil added to the gasoline/air mix will cause misfires, carbon deposits, rough running, and blue smoke out the tailpipe. Replacing the CVV every 70,000 miles will ensure the correct and clean ventilation of oil vapor.

Replacement of the CVV can be done without removing the intake manifold. But replacing it during an M50 Manifold upgrade is the perfect time.

This is a Genuine BMW crankcase vent and sealing grommet -
11151703484 - crankcase vent valve
13411733217 - sealing grommet

This item fits the following BMWs:
1996-1999 E36 BMW 323is 323ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
1997-1998 E39 BMW 528i
1997-1998 Z3 BMW Z3 2.8
1998-2000 Z3 BMW Z3 M Roadster M Coupe
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M50 Manifold Conversion Adapter Kit (To install OBDI manifold on an M52/S52) As Used on Project E36 M3
This kit includes everything to fit an OBDI M50 manifold to an OBDII M52 or S52 engine (1996-1999). It takes the guesswork out of adding the M50 manifold to your engine. The kit includes a CNC machined adapter, with all hardware and gaskets, that allows the freer flowing M50 manifold to be installed while maintaining full function of M52/S52 components including factory PCV cyclone / oil seperator valve. No vacuum leaks, no check engine lights. And the entire kit is completely reversible. Turner Motorsport has dealt with the problems from other kits and this adapter block is – by far – the best solution.The base price of this kit does not include the M50 manifold. You can pick up a used manifold from a 1992-1995 E36 325i or a 1995 M3 3.0 liter. You can find them in local junk or scrap yards, online at Craigslist or eBay, or from various forums. If you would rather not deal with the potential pitfalls of a used part, we can offer a new Original BMW manifold to go with the adapter. While expensive, the new manifold is guaranteed to be in perfect condition with no cracks, warping, or foreign objects hidden inside. A new factory BMW manifold can be added to your order by selecting the option below.With the introduction of the 1996 model year came the OBDII emissions compliant engine. Among the many changes the OBDII engines received was a more restrictive air intake manifold. Where the older M50/S50 engines continued to make power up in the higher RPMs, the newer M52/S52 ran out of breath, limiting high-end horsepower, but boosting low-end torque. Converting the OBDII cars to the 1995 and earlier OBDI manifold is a popular modification to remove this high-rpm restriction.

To best maximize the horsepower gains of this modification, you should be using the M50 manifold with bigger cams, HFM, injectors, and software. We have found this combination of upgrades and software to yield the best results for producing top-end power. Note: using the M50 manifold shifts the power band higher in the RPM range. This is GREAT for track cars but not well-suited for street cars where the OBDII manifold works best to produce torque at lower RPM. Presently, we do not have software tuned for only the M50 manifold without cams or the HFM upgrade. Check our website again for future product releases. We currently offer custom mapped Shark Injectors for these packages:
E36 M3 - 3.5" HFM/24lb injectors/Schrick cams/stock OBDII manifold
E36 M3 - 3.5" HFM/24lb injectors/Schrick cams/M50 manifold Optional fuel rail cover. The standard M52/S52 fuel rail cover is too tall for the M50 manifold and does not have the proper brackets for securing it in place over the fuel rail. We can correctly modify the stock M52 fuel rail cover for you to complete the factory appearance.
Turner Motorsport
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Idle Control Valve - M50, M52, M52TU, M54 Rough or hunting idle? Stalling? Sputtering? These are all symptoms of poor fuel delivery or a vacuum leak in your intake system. The idle control valve is one of the areas that you can check to fix these issues. The ICV is basically a electrically-driven throttle body that regulates the air/fuel mixture at light throttle openings. Over time, the ICV can become gummed up with oil and carbon, resulting in slow or blocked operation. Worst case, the electric motor inside will freeze which will stall the engine.

The ICV will typically need to be cleaned or replaced every 100k miles. It can be cleaned with carb cleaner but for seriously dirty or old ICVs you may want to replace the whole unit with a new one. There is also a hard rubber seal between the ICV and the manifold and this should be replaced as well. You may also want to replace the Crankcase Vent Valve as it can also fill up with oil and carbon and replacement can be done at the same time as the ICV.

Add a new ICV to your M50 Manifold Upgrade to save time and money!

This is a new OEM Bosch idle control valve. We offer a new sealing grommet as an option below in case you need to replace your dry or cracked seal..
13411744713 - idle control valve
13411733217 - sealing grommet (optional)

This idle control valve fits the following BMWs:
1992-1998 E36 BMW 323is 323ic 325i 325is 325ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
1999-2005 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi
1989-1995 E34 BMW 525i
1997-2003 E39 BMW 525i 528i 530i
2004-2005 E60 BMW 525i 530i
2000-2006 E53 BMW X5 3.0i
1997-2002 Z3 BMW Z3 2.3 Z3 2.5i Z3 2.8 Z3 3.0i M Roadster M Coupe (except S54)
2003-2005 E85 BMW Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i
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