Intake Cleaning & Recharging Kits for BMW E46 (1999-2005) M3

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Cone filter and cold-air intake kits flow great amounts of air through their cotton or foam filters. But to keep contaminants, dirt, debris, and dust out of the engine the filter must be oiled. The oil helps grab the finer particles and prevents them from entering the engine. The oil also works to keep the filter material pliable because a dry filter will eventually crack and break apart. Cone filters must also be cleaned at least once a year. If it's full of debris or an oily sludge it will not flow nearly as much air and any power gains you had will be significantly reduced.
Air filters must be cleaned with their own proprietary brands of cleaner. Mixing cleaning and re-oiling agents is not recommended by each filter manufacturer.
aFe filter cleaning: click here.
K&N filter cleaning: click here.
ITG filter cleaning:
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Any time you take the filter out for cleaning you should also clean the film in your HFM / mass air sensor (if equipped).

aFe Restore Kit for Pro5R Oiled Filters
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Part#: 55-10460
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Bring your aFe filter back to life with a Restore kit from aFe. Included is filter cleaner & replacement oil. These air filter oils is designed to not harm MAF sensors, while allowing the filter to catch as much debris as possible.

Used for Pro 5 R filters

K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit - Aerosol
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Part#: 99-5000KT
Preserve and maintain your air filter for a lifetime, never having to spend another dollar on a replacement filter again!
K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit
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Part#: 99-5000
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  • 8oz squeeze oil
  • 12oz filter cleaner
  • service decal

A six step maintenance system designed to recharge any K&N air filter. Restores air flow efficiency so your filter performs virtually like new.

aFe Restore Kit for ProDry S Dry Filters
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Part#: 90-59999
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This eco-friendly air filter cleaner is for the aFe Pro Dry S performance air filter. Simply spray on and wash off and your Pro Dry S air filter is good to go. Please follow the instrucctions with the kit and you will have a lifetime of horsepower.

Eventuri Filter Cleaning Kit
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Part#: EVE-FLC
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Eventuri was founded by true enthusiasts who had a shared passion for cars and performance, engineers that had a background in Aeronautics as well as automotive tuning. After experiencing disappointment time and time again from the claims set forth by the automotive aftermarket, they set out to raise the bar. Their goal? Set a new benchmark for intake design providing true gains, not just "claims."

The same thought and effort went into developing the perfect kit to keep your intake clean. Get yours today, and restore the added power from your intake!

Designed to work with any BMW!!!

K&N Air Filter Squeezable Recharge Kit
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Part#: 99-5050
On Order, ETA Dec 24, 2018
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Cleaning and re-oiling your K&N filter will prolong its life and maintain K&N's performance advantage. You should clean your filter every year with water and K&N's cleaning solution and re-oil the filter every two years. K&N air fitlers come pre-oiled.

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