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E46 M3 Original BMW Wheel Upgrades

E46 M3 Original BMW Wheel Upgrades What better place to look for a BMW wheel upgrade than straight from BMW? BMW has always offered alternative or upgraded wheel sets for most of their model range. These larger wheels offer a safe and effective upgrade. We consider the factory wheels to be the benchmark for wheel fitment. Even if you don't choose a factory wheel style, the sizing and offset has already been tested and developed by BMW's own engineers. Using the factory upgrade wheel sizes and offsets as a template is a good way to ensure a trouble-free fit for your own wheel project. For wheel information in general, check out our Wheel Tech Guide by clicking here.

BMW Wheels are one of our specialties. Our website lists the most popular wheels that we sell but we always welcome inquiries for other factory BMW wheels. Call or e-mail us and we can likely save you substantial amounts of money than buying from your local BMW dealer.

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E46 M3 CSL 19x8.5 ET44 Front Wheel (Genuine BMW CSL)

The Euro-only M3 CSL has a slightly different front wheel than what the US M3 ZCP package came with - 19x8.5" versus 8.0". The spokes also have slightly more curvature to them too for a more concave appearance. This is a Genuine BMW M3 CSL wheel, imported from Germany!


Price is per wheel. Wheel center cap sold separately (click here).

Genuine European BMW
Part #: 36112282650
Price: $649.95 (USD) 
Ships on Jun 26, 2018
E46 M3, Z4 M Genuine BMW Competition Package 19-inch Wheel Set Front Wheel Size - 19" x 8.0" ET47
Rear Wheel Size - 19" x 9.5" ET27

These Original BMW wheels are nearly identical in appearance to the M3 CSL wheels but a half-inch narrower in the front. Sizes are 19" x 9.5" (#36112282999) rear with a 27mm offset and 19" x 8.0" (#36112282895) for the front with a 47mm offset. These are the exact same sizes and offsets as the optional 19" Style 67 wheels so tire sizing is easy (235-245 front and 275-285 rear). These wheels weigh in at only 24 lbs each for the front, and 25.5 lbs for the rear.

These are the same wheels that come on the new E46 M3 ZCP Competition Package. These are new factory BMW wheels. Price includes two fronts and two rears. New wheel center caps are optional or you can reuse your originals.

For more information on BMW wheels and wheel info in general, check out our Wheel Fitment Guide by clicking here.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2000-2006 E46 BMW M3, M3 Convertible
2006-2008 E85 BMW Z4 M Roadster Z4 M Coupe
Genuine BMW
Price: $2062.12 (USD) 
In Stock
BMW Motorsport BBS 18x10

BBS R1C Motorsport Cast Flow Formed light weight race wheel as used on the F22 M235iR customer racing car. This is an 18x10.0" wheel with an ET24 offset and glossy black finish. Each wheel uses the BBS flow forming technology that creates a strong but light weight wheel - 22.8lbs. The M235iR used this wheel on the front and rear to create a square race wheel set. Not only is there more rubber to put power to the pavement (the race car uses 265/660R-18 racing slicks), but more tire in the front helps minimize understeer and improve turn-in grip. The same wheel size also allows you to rotate tires for better tire life. This is the standard bolt pattern and offset for most BMW M3 models but for the F22 wider fenders flares, such as used on the M235iR, will be needed. The M235iR was set up to use 265/660R-18 racing slicks or a 265/35-18 tire. This wheel is very similar to the BBS R1C.

Price is for a set of 4 race wheels.

Genuine BMW Motorsport
Part #: m235ir-bbs-setKT
Price: $2990.00 (USD) 
Ships on Jul 13, 2018
E46 M3, Z4 M Genuine BMW M Double Spoke 67 19-inch Wheel Set In our opinion, the 19" wheel option for the E46 M3 is one of the best looking wheels to put on this car. BMW went very aggressive yet stayed classy with the optional 19" M double spoke LA wheels (light alloy). With these wheels, you retain the factory appearance and striking good looks thanks to the polished spokes. These are the actual Genuine BMW wheels - not replicas!! They are the highest quality for finish and the correct Original fit to your E46 M3. This package is for a staggered set of two front and two rear wheels.

Wheel Specs:
Front M Double Spoke 67: 19x8.0 / ET 47 offset. BMW part number 36 11 2 229 650
Rear M Double Spoke 67: 19x9.5 / ET 27 offset. BMW part number 36 11 2 229 660

These wheels will also fit the Z4 M Coupe and M Roadster. Click here for pictures on the forum. These wheels are a drastic change from the stock appearance and will really set your M apart. The front offset is larger on the M3 wheel by 5mm so you may want to use these with a 5mm or 8mm spacer set. The rear does not need any spacers.

For more information on BMW wheels and wheel info in general, check out our Wheel Fitment Guide by clicking here.

This wheel set fits the following BMWs:
2001-2006 E46 BMW M3
2003-2008 E85 E86 BMW Z4 M Roadster M Coupe
Genuine BMW
Part #: 36112229650-660
Price: $2399.80 (USD) 
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E46 M3 CSL 19

For the M3 purist the M3 CSL wheel set is the ultimate wheel package for the E46 M3. Although similar to the M3 ZCP wheels, these are a half-inch wider in the front with a slightly different concave face. In the bigger picture, a half-inch in the front will not change the handling or looks very much. But if your goal is a CSL clone or you insist on the very best factory wheels, this is the only set for you. Get them while they're still available (we import them from Germany).

Price is for a set of 4 wheels - two front and two rear with center caps.
Front: 19x8.5" ET44
Rear: 19x9.5" ET27

Genuine European BMW
Part #: E46CSL36
Price: $2450.82 (USD) 
Ships on Jun 26, 2018