BMW ST Coilover Kits for BMW E46 (1999-2005) M3

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ST Suspensions - high quality German engineered coil over systems at an affordable price. In 2005 ST was aquired by KW automotive GmbH and launched the innovative ST Coilover program, modeled after a KW Variant 1 coilover design.ST coilover's use the same valving as the KW Variant 1 designs but utilize a less expensive galvanized shock/strut housing. This lower cost design is ideal for area's with low moisture orsalt exposure. For area's with higher moisture levels or exposure to salt you may want to consider the KW Stainless Steel coil over kits.

ST Suspension Coilover Kit - BMW E46 M3
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ST Suspensions - German-Engineered Coil Overs at an Affordable Price.
ST Suspensions has partnered with KW Suspensions in Germany to offer an affordable German-engineered coilover kit. The ST coil overs are based on the entry-level KW Variant 1 but with zinc-plated shock bodies in place of the more expensive stainless steel. Each ST coilover has dampers perfectly tuned for the springs included with the kit. It's a matched shock and spring package with the added feature of adjustable ride height. This delivers a comfortable but sporty and controlled ride without being jarring or uncomfortable. The engineering and performance is unbeatable at this price! The ST coilover kit is packed with features found on more expensive fully-adjustable coil overs -

  • Pre-set fixed damping optimized for a blend of ride comfort and handling with less bodyroll
  • Zinc-plated steel strut/shock bodies
  • Composite-coated spring perches reduce noise and vibration
  • Individually height-adjustable
  • TUV approved lowering range and operation
  • Expert engineering and design for ease-of-use and long durability
    This is the ideal coil over kit for an enthusiast owner who does not plan on tracking or autocrossing the car and just wants a lower, more aggressive stance and better handling. ST has set the shock damping rates to be an excellent balance for a smooth yet taut ride, and to resist bodyroll motions for better handling. If you want a sportier ride and better handling than stock ST Coil Overs are an excellent choice.

    Front:0.8" to 1.6"
    Rear:0.8" to 1.6"

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2001-2006 E46 BMW M3
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