Stock OEM Dual Mass Flywheels for BMW E46 M3 S54 (1999-2005)

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Flywheels don't last forever. They should be treated like any ordinary wear item. Sachs recommends a new dual mass flywheel (DMF) on every other clutch replacement. There are several indicators for replacing the flywheel: damage to the clutch contact plate (from a severely worn clutch disc), grease leaking from inside (overheating), build-up of clutch material on the contact plate (excessive slipping and overheating), and failure of the internal damping system.

The dampening system uses rubber or coil springs to absorb driveline vibrations. Through age, excessive heat, and aggressive use the rubber loses its resilience and the metal springs lose their strength and become brittle. If the clutch and flywheel have become overheated the internal grease may break down as well. A DMF failure can be massive and catastrophic, not to mention dangerous as bits of metal and rubber fling themselves through the transmission bellhousing. Heat and aggressive driving will accelerate the wear so race and track cars should have their stock flywheels replaced at regular intervals or with any new clutch. Even normal street cars should plan for a new flywheel if it has high mileage.

DMF wear can only be checked with the transmission and clutch removed. If you can rotate the outer flywheel more than 20mm in either direction then it should be replaced.

OEM LuK Dual Mass Flywheel - E46 M3 Z4 M
OEM LuK Dual Mass Flywheel - E46 M3 Z4 M
This is an OEM LuK stock twin mass flywheel for E46 M3 an...
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This is an OEM LuK stock twin mass flywheel for E46 M3 and Z4 M roadster with S54 engine. When your clutch starts to experience engagement chatter because of hot spots and wear, replacing it with this OEM dual mass flywheel will restore your vehicles driveability and have you clutch shifting smoothly again. OEM replacement for BMW part # 21212229900, 21212282345, and 21212229940.

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This item fits the following BMWs:
1999-2006 E46 BMW M3
2003-2008 Z4 BMW Z4 M Roadster M Coupe

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