BMW E46 Intake Manifold Components (DISA, Vacuum, CCV, Etc)

The intake manifold takes incoming air from the intake and distributes it to each cylinder. Over the years the manifolds have gotten more sophisticated and complex. Most of the additional work that it does is emissions-related - recirculating vapors back into the engine to be re-used. But there are also performance innovations such as BMW's DISA variable intake runners. All of the modern innovations have a part behind it and here you will find replacement components.

In some BMW models there are performance improvements with intake manifolds. These intake manifold upgrades use mostly BMW parts and are a direct replacement for your stock manifold. We offer manifolds and kits to make the conversion work easier.

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CSL intake flap - E46 M3
Genuine European BMW
T#: 360705
Mfg#: 11617833498
Idle Control Valve - M50, M52, M52TU, M54
T#: 338006
Mfg#: 13411744713
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