E46 ECS Tuning Wheel Spacers

Looking to improve the looks and handling of your BMW with wider stance and a flush fit? Or maybe those new wheels you bought don't quite fit the way you had hoped for? ECS Tuning wheel spacers are the perfect option to give you the proper clearance you need while adding a bit of aggressive styling and improving your over-all handling thanks to the wider wheel base after installation. ECS Tuning wheel spacers are constructed of high quality 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum and are specifically designed by in-house engineers and CNC machined to exact standards, ensuring the best fitment possible. By carefully measuring the OEM wheel hubs and bore dimensions, these spacers mount with minimal clearance to prevent any vibration, retaining the stock-like vibration free operation. Finally, to make sure everything fits perfectly the first time, ECS Tuning offers a range of kits available with various bolt lengths, paired to make certain their is enough threading to properly seat the wheel and spacer, but not too much to cause potential interference with the rear of the hub or any suspension components. Features: + Constructed of strong, lightweight aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum + Black Anodized for corrosion protection + Precision machining ensures the best fitment possible + Kits paired with bolts for perfect fitment the first time

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Wheel Spacer Test Fitment Kit
T#: 388196
Mfg#: 001202ECS03
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ECS Tuning Wheel Spacers - 25mm - 72.6mm CB
T#: 385272
Mfg#: 001058ecs04-25KT
ECS Tuning Wheel Spacers - 30mm - 72.6mm CB
T#: 385273
Mfg#: 001058ECS04-30KT