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BMW E53 Seat Belts and Racing Harnesses

BMW E53 Seat Belts and Racing Harnesses The advantage of racing harnesses cannot be understated. Aside from the obvious improvement to your safety, harnesses keep your body planted in the seat and allow a much more confident and focused driving experience. Without your body strapped in you're constantly fighting to keep youself planted in the seat and these forces distract you from controlling the car. It also prevents you from getting and maintaining the ideal leverage point for working the steering wheel and pedals. Turner Motorsports offers several harness and seat belt accessories to make the use of harness belts easier.
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Brey-Krause Clip in Harness mount - Passenger  This Mount is bolts to the OE lap belt mount on the passenger side to provide a clip in point for clip in style harness's. 
Part #: R-9288
Price: $79.95 (USD) 
Ships in 6 days
Racing Seat Belt Harness Retaining Guide Collars (Pair) These little guys are one of our favorite final touches on a race car build. After years of requests, we now are able to supply these for more than just our race team's use. These aluminum collars bolt on your roll cage's harness bar (or any bar for that matter) and help keep your seat belt harnesses from sliding on the bar. You can use just one pair to accomplish this, or 2 pairs (4 collars total) for the best looking and functioning install. The beauty of these collars (besides being lightweight and looking clean) is that they can be adjusted from side to side, which is convenient if you change you seat or belt configuration. They can also be used for other applications as well, such as taming that helmet net strap. If you're looking for a clean, professional looking solution, these are a superb final touch. As used on our own Championship winning TMS E46 and E90 race cars.

We offer these guide collars in two sizes: for 1.5" OD roll bar tubing or for 1.75" OD roll bar tubing (choose your size below). Check your cage tubing diameter especially if your car was built in Europe as they used metric tubing sizes. If you need a metric size, contact us. Also measure with paint applied, not bare tubing. These are sold by the pair, so be sure to modifying your quantity below (or in the cart) if you need them for both seats.
Turner Motorsport
Part #: TIN9903150
Price: $39.95 (USD) 
Ships in 2 Days
Free Shipping Free Shipping
on orders $199 and up
OMP Air Cooling kit

OMP Air Cooling Kit that can be mounted to your "Air" compatible OMP racing seats. This kit directs forced air directly to the driver, keeping them cool during long races in very hot conditions. 

The kit includes: 
- a shell to be mounted on the the back of the seat with included shaped bihadesive tape (HC/913/G) 
- a connection hose (1,5" x 2mt) with inner metal spiral (HC/913/T) that can be fixed to the shell and to the blower HC/914 or to others air sources (inner intake of the car..) 
- a connection junction in rubber (HC/913/R) 
- 45° connection junction in rubber (HC/913/R45) 

All components are sold also separately as spare parts

**Air Blower (HC/914) sold separately.**

Part #: HC/913
Price: $299.00 (USD) 
Ships in 3 Days
Schroth Adjusting Grips - 2 Schroth harness grips slide into the ends of your Schroth harnesses and give your fingers something to lock onto when tightening the harness. Otherwise, your hand - or glove - has to yank on the end of the strap which might be slippery. Schroth Grips make life easier and pit stops quicker! An accessory that you really can't live without. Sold per harness for both shoulder and both lap belts (4 Grips total). Fits Schroth 2" harnesses only.
Part #: SR00092
Price: $15.95 (USD) 
In Stock
Schroth 2 Inch Harness Pads Cushioned pads that cover the 2" shoulder belts so they don't dig into your shoulders. These pads simply cover the belts and fasten with a zipper. Available in multiple colors with "Schroth" velour letters sewn on (flip the pad over if you don't want the logo showing). These can even be used on stock 3-point seatbelts to prevent the belt from rubbing against your neck. Sold as a pair of pads (enough to fit one racing harness).
Part #: SC-2IN-PADS
Price: $31.95 (USD) 
Direct Ship
Brey-Krause Clip in Harness mount- Driver This Mount is bolts to the OE lap belt mount on the driver side to provide a clip in point for clip in style harness's. 
Part #: R-9289
Price: $79.95 (USD) 
Ships in 6 days
BMW Motorsport Seat Belt Shoulder Pad Set These original BMW Motorsport shoulder pads fit over any street car seat belt or 2" harness belt. A zippered side makes these super easy to install on any car. High quality "BMW MOTORSPORT" embroidery will set your car apart from the rest. Also available in 76mm (3") harness width. Set includes two shoulder pads.
Genuine BMW
Part #: MSBELT50MM
Price: $89.95 (USD) 
$105.62 (Sale - Save 15%)
In Stock
Free Shipping Free Shipping
on orders $199 and up
Schroth Racing 2 Inch Harness Pads Cushioned pads that cover the 2" shoulder belts so they don't dig into your shoulders. These pads simply cover the belts and fasten with a zipper. Available in multiple colors with a "Schroth Racing" patch sewn on (flip the pad over if you don't want the logo showing). These can even be used on stock 3-point seatbelts to prevent the belt from rubbing against your neck. Sold as a pair of pads (enough to fit one racing harness).
Part #: SR-2IN-PADS
Price: $31.95 (USD) 
Direct Ship

Schroth Rallye 4 Harness

Rallye harnesses are not Left/Right specific
Schroth Rallye 4 Harness

There are many benefits to installing harnesses in your BMW -

  • maintain a proper driving position
  • keep you planted in the seat and not bracing with your left leg or shoulder
  • lower lap times thanks to improved driver confidence
  • advanced technology is safer than standard 3-point belts

It's hard to put into words just how effective harnesses are in improving your driving experience. In addition to the obvious safety benefits, harnesses make you a better driver by removing distractions so your hands and feet are used for car control instead of bracing against a door panel or dead pedal. Everyone with harnesses will agree: they are a must-have upgrade to your driving experience and they wish they had installed them sooner.

The Rallye harnesses are Schroth's universal fit, bolt-in harness design that still meets DOT and TUV specs. The Rallye 4 harness fits most BMWs better than a Rallye 3 type thanks to its four mounting points that bolt to four existing anchor points in the BMW chassis: outboard lap belt anchor on B-pillar, inboard lap belt anchor on seat, and both rear seat belt anchors. The Rallye harnesses are a fixed, semi-permanent install but a quick-connect buckle is included in the rear seat harness so that the front and rear sections can be separated and tucked away when not in use. This also allows you to use the stock 3-point seatbelts in the front and rear seats without obstruction. All Schroth harnesses feature their asm technology that prevents your body from sliding under the lap belt and redces head and chest deceleration forces. Rallye belts are not side-specific; they fit either the Left or Right side of the vehicle.

Optional: Schroth Grips. Schroth harness grips slide into the ends of your Schroth harnesses and give your fingers something to lock onto when tightening the harness. Otherwise, your hand - or glove - has to yank on the end of the strap which might be slippery. Sold per harness for both shoulder and both lap belts (4 Grips total).

Seat Compatability: Schroth approves this harness only for stock seats or seats that have passed independent crash testing. The seat design must have a separate headrest and backrest. Single piece headrest and backrest (e.g. - F8X M3/M4 seats, Porsche 911 seats) are not approved because the shoulder straps fall to the sides and will not secure the driver properly. Observe all guidelines and instructions for installation and fitment.

E36 Fitment Note: a special bolt is required for installation on the stock E36 seat. Make sure you order this bolt for any E36 installations. Click here for the link to the bolt.

Rallye 4 Harness Summary:

  • Suggested Use:  autocross, daily driver
  • Shoulder Belt:  2" pull down
  • Lap Belt:  2" pull down
  • Buckle:  Rallye push button
  • Installation:  permanent bolt-in
  • Seat Compatability:  approved only for stock seats with headrest separated from backrest
  • HANS compatible?  No.


When using any racing harness in any environment - even normal street use - adhere to this advice: "all the way tight, all of the time". Never loosen or slacken the belts for comfort or convenience! A loose racing harness will not protect you.

Part #: SR1610
Price: $189.95 (USD) 
Direct Ship
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