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BMW E63 Performance Clutch Kits & Parts

BMW E63 Performance Clutch Kits & Parts These heavy-duty clutch kits use aluminum lightweight flywheels with sport clutch components to give your clutch the grip and clamping force it needs to cope with high torque upgrades. Our kits were developed through racing programs by companies affiliated with our own race team - JB Racing, Sachs Sport, OS Giken, and UUC Motorwerks. JB Racing is the leader in aluminum lightweight flywheel upgrades. They are direct replacements for the stock dual-mass flywheels with steel contact surfaces and computer balanced to 14,000 RPM. JB has partnered with Sachs to spec sport/HD clutch discs and pressure plates that work seamlessly with their aluminum flywheels. The result is a clutch/flywheel upgrade package that functions a lot like the original clutch combo with near-stock levels of effort and engangement but with a much higher torque capacity. Don't let the clutch be your weak link in a highly tuned car!
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E60 M5 SMG, E63 M6 SPEC Twin-Disk Performance Clutch Kit The Super Street Twin disc clutch gives you a worry-free twin-disc clutch upgrade for the E60 M5 and E63 M6. This flywheel and clutch kit features twin carbon fiber/organic discs with a steel flywheel rated at over 900 ft-lbs of torque. Even with increased capability this clutch drives and functions almost the same as a stock clutch but with a more solid feel and better engagement. Where the stock clutch can feel weak and soft the SPEC clutch feels stronger and more capable. The SPEC flywheel included in this kit is also a superior alternative to the pricey factory dual-mass flywheel, which are known to wear out. If clutch or flywheel woes are keeping you from getting the most from your V10 this is the clutch you should be using.

The SPEC clutch upgrade for the M5/M6 gives you a true twin disc clutch setup in the SMG models. Twin disc clutches have been common in racing events for years. Our World Challenge Touring Cars were among the first to use two or three disc racing clutches in BMW applications. We found many advantages to a multi-disc setup over a single disc - greater torque capacity, less heat build-up, and longer clutch life thanks to more surface area, and less weight in the clutch discs. One of the goals from SPEC was to keep clutch operation and noise as close to stock levels as possible. They use a special blend of organic, carbon, Kevlar, and metallic materials for a strong and durable clutch that is also user friendly on the street. This kit is supplied with a billet steel flywheel that better minimizes vibrations and clutch chatter than aluminum. The SPEC flywheel is also preferred over the factory dual-mass part which can wear out over time and need replacement anyway. Clutch rebuild parts are also available to minimize consumable costs and keep your car ready to use.

More aggressive clutch materials are available. The kit comes with a carbon fiber/Kevlar/organic material that is best-suited for street use and will offer the most user-friendly feel and engagement. For more performance capability you can opt for a carbon-graphite material but it will not be as user-friendly on the street. The carbon-graphite offers tremendous torque limits (1,125 ft-lbs) but the material will result in a more abrupt clutch engagement with less usable slippage.

SPEC Clutch is one of the premier clutch and flywheel suppliers to the tuner market. They are often found on the most highly tuned import and domestic vehicles. They are recent players in the German car community with a special focus on the newer turbo BMW models with high torque output. SPEC has been proven time after time to provide superior performance, drivability, and longevity to the most hardcore enthusiasts around the globe.

E60 M5 E63 M6 SPEC Clutch Kit contents:
+ billet steel flywheel
+ twin-disc clutch plates with friction surface
+ heavy-duty pressure plate
+ heavy duty throw-out bearing

This item fits the following BMWs with SMG transmission:
2006-2010 E60 BMW M5
2006-2010 E63 BMW M6
Spec Clutches
Part #: SB60SST
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Turner OEM Clutch Installation Kit - E60 M5, E63/4 M6 SMG

When installing a new clutch, it is important to replace old hardware and common wear items. This ensures both a smooth and reliable installation. This also allows you to perform maintenance while everything is apart as opposed to a needing to make future repairs when everything is back together. Included in this kit are all necessary clutch installation components, plus items that we recommend be replaced while everything is easily accessible. 

Fits the following BMWs:
M5 with SMG transmission
E63/4 BMW M6 with SMG Transmission

Packaged by Turner
Part #: E6XM5M6CIKT
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Sachs Performance Pressure Plate - E46 E82 E88 E9X E30 E39 E60 F10 E31 E38 E63 E83 Z3 Z4 E52

Experience longer life and less slippage with this Sachs Performance pressure plate for use with sport/racing clutch discs. This pressure plate offers more clamping power, and is recommended for cars making significantly more hp than stock (forced injection, etc) while using a stock flywheel. This is NOT for use on cars with an aftermarket flywheel (stock flywheel only).

Sachs Performance is the racing and performance oriented selection of high quality parts from Sachs and ZF Engineering. Supplying countless brands with OE parts and offering one of the widest selection of OEM replacement parts, they are known for their exceptionally high quality products. You can purchase these performance parts with confidence, knowing they will resist heavy wear and tear for much longer than most other aftermarket options.

SACHS Performance
Part #: 883082001243
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