E64 MOMO Steering Wheels

Racing and Tuning steering wheels provide a stylish but functional upgrade to your driving experience. Racing wheels are specifically designed to improve your grip on the wheel for better car control. Racing wheels are usually thicker with a grippier surface than factory wheels but a smaller diameter. The smaller overall size equates to faster steering ratio and quicker responses. Racing and Tuning wheels also provide a stylish and aesthetic improvement over bulky or dated stock wheels.

Racing and Tuning steering wheels feature leather or suede rims, anodized aluminum centers, and contoured thumb and palm indents. Most of the wheels we sell are a 330 or 350mm diameter (stock BMW is usually 380mm). The 350 size is well-suited for a street-driven car with slightly quicker steering response, good sight lines to the instruments, and a comfortable position. All aftermarket steering wheels require a hub adapter for the steering column. This is because each wheel is a universal wheel and the correct spline is required to fit the steering columns of different manufacturers. It's also important to set the wheel at the correct distance from the driver and clearance for things like the wiper and turn signal stalks. We stock all of the popular BMW hub adapters for the E24/E28, E30, E36/Z3, E46, E9X.

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