BMW Performance Intake Kits for BMW 6 Series E64 (2004-2010)

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Turner Motorsport offers a variety of Performance Intake options for your BMW, including Genuine BMW, aFe Eventuri, Dinan, Gruppe M, Agency Power, and ECS Tuning.

Turner Plug-and-Play IAT Relocation Kit
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Part#: 014579TMS
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Sale - Save 11% $114.95
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All vehicles will lose some degree of performance due to heat soak under the right operating conditions. Engine management systems constantly monitor operating conditions and modifying parameters based on sensor inputs. BMW integrated the intake air temp sensor in the MAF housing on models such as the E39 M5, and, being sandwiched behind a hot radiator and in some applications next to an even hotter valve cover, this is less than ideal for performance applications. Absorbing excess heat from its surroundings, the MAF canaEURtmt shed it fast enough, and the ECU reads an inaccurately high intake air temperature. Compensating for this false hot air measurement, the ECU pulls timing and runs a richer fuel mixture, resulting in a significant loss of torque.

What can you do? Locate an intake air temp sensor in a location where it can properly measure incoming air temps and where it's less prone to heat soak. Mounting the sensor further away from the heat source and isolating it from the MAF housing, it can both resist the effects of heat soak longer and respond to temperature changes more quickly. The result is youaEURtmll experience reduced torque loss and more consistent power output when youaEURtmre pushing your engine hard.

The Turner engineering team was initially skeptical of the claimed performance benefits of this modification. They first set out validate the functionality and performance benefit of a temp sensor relocation. Replicating stop-and-go traffic heat soak in a 2001 540i was a simple task in a controlled environment - their dynometer. First the car was heat soaked to simulate being stuck in traffic or moving at low speeds by running the car four times on the dyno with the dyno's cooling fans disabled. The fans were then turned on for three more runs to observe the recovery rate once air flow was reintroduced. The test: following this procedure once with a stock IAT, and once with their relocation kit in place.

The result? Turner recovered 11lb-ft torque at 2500rpm through use of their relocation kit, with even greater recovery to be found for M5 owners. Here are the heat soak-related torque losses Turner experienced:

Stock IAT location:
18rwtq at 2500rpm
10rwtq at 3000rpm
9rwtq at 3700rpm

Turner IAT Relocation:
7rwtq at 2500rpm
5rwtq at 3000rpm
5rwtq at 3700rpm

**Click here for installation instructions**

The Turner engineering team designed a complete plug and play kit (unlike all other options on the market) that makes for quick, easy, and reversible installation. Weather-sealed connectors keep out the elements, while sheathed wiring offers a clean appearance underhood. With a harness nearly 3 feet long - the Turner IAT relocation kit offers flexibility in positioning, but not too long that you're left with unsightly excess wiring. Turner recommends positioning the sensor in a location away from engine heat, but still within the intake ducting to achieve accurate intake temp readings - such as the far side of the base of the airbox. Vehicles with cold air intakes with cone-style filters can even position the sensor in the end of the filter. Simply drill a hole in your (cool) location of choice and plug in the harness. More information including installation instructions and some good examples of sensor mounting locations can be found in our DIY PDF.

We include everything you need to relocate your IAT, just select your desired sensor brand below - Genuine BMW or original equipment Beru.

Also the perfect plug-n-play option for anyone looking to upgrade their intake to utilize an Alpha-N tune!

Note for vehicles with M62 engine: applicable to 1999 and up

K&N Performance Universal Air Filter - 3.5" flange diameter
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Part#: RC-4630
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Can be adapted to work with a number of BMW intakes by removing the stock air box and replacing it with this filter.

Custom piping and mounting may be required for optimal fitment and air flow benefits.

Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake Kit - E6X M5 M6
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Part#: EVEE60INT
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Eventuri was founded by true enthusiasts who had a shared passion for cars and performance, engineers that had a background in Aeronautics as well as automotive tuning. After experiencing disappointment time and time again from the claims set forth by the automotive aftermarket, they set out to raise the bar. Their goal? Set a new benchmark for intake design providing true gains, not just "claims."

Designed to use the "venturi effect," Eventuri has created a unique intake system that out-performs the competition. The Venturi effect is when the smooth reduction in cross-sectional area along the length of the housing causes the airflow to increase in velocity. This means more air-flow and smoother delivery, resulting in more power. But that isn't all that sets their design apart. They also use an inverted cone filter that is decoupled from the MAF. This is done because it means the filter no longer dictates the shape of air-flow, thus creating the venturi effect.

Their systems are extensively developed using cutting edge design, testing and prototyping methods. With a focus on performance, each design undergoes CFD analysis and is then validated at the prototype stage through volumetric airflow, intake temperature and extensive dyno testing. They strive to publish all the development information to illustrate the depths they go in bringing an intake from concept to reality. Also assuring to only use the highest quality components for style and durability

Fits the following BMWs
2005-2010 E60 BMW M5
2005-2010 E63 E64 BMW M6 Coupe and Convertible

Gruppe M Carbon Fiber Intake System -- BMW E63 E64 M6
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Part#: FRI-0314
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GruppeM intakes are what sets them apart from any competition. The extreme level of detail that goes into the structure and material they use in their design and the countless hours put into perfecting this design results in their Ram Air Systems. By forcing cooler air from outside of the car into the intake instead of using hot air from the engine bay, they get much denser air entering the engine, allowing for higher levels of torque. In addition, their intakes add an enhanced sound of performance in comparison to the rather quiet stock intake.

Intake Features:

  • Highly meticulous carbon fiber air ducts
  • Reusable high-flow filters
  • Exact fitment from countless hours of design
  • Torque increase from cooler air

This item fits the following BMWs:
2004-2010 E63 BMW M6

2004-2010 E64 BMW M6

K&N Performance Typhoon Intake Kit - E6X M5 M6 S85 5.0L
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Part#: 69-2003TFK
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This K&N performance cold air intake kit eliminates the restrictive air box in favor of a high flowing intake system that allows for greater power all throughout the power band. Every K&N intake features a premium air filter that is constructed from cotton gauze material between aluminum mesh - this makes for a long lasting, high performance intake filter. These are very easy to remove and maintain. Turner Motorsport recommends this as one of the first maintenance/modifications you make to your vehicle after you purchase!

K&N's air filters allow increased airflow - dirt and particles stick to the oil on these filters, making them more effective than traditional paper filters in terms of protection. Additionally, K&N believes their filters are more efficient than paper filers - this means more oxygen getting into the engine, allowing vaporized fuel to burn more efficiently and increasing horsepower and fuel economy. The best of both worlds!

  • Covered by the K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty
  • Washable and reusable
  • Will not void vehicle warranty

Does not meet CARB emissions standards and cannot be sold to residents of California.

aFe Magnum FORCE Stage-2 Pro DRY S Cold Air Intake System - E60 550i, E63 650i 06-08
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Part#: 51-11142
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"Oil-Free" ProDry S Filter

This intake kit replaces your restrictive factory air box. It features a 1.6mm powder-coated steel heat shield, heat-resistant molded intake tube, trim sealed to seal out hot engine air, and a custom application-specific aFe brand cotton filter.

This version has an oil-free filter media for less maintenance. For the best flowing filter, with the best performance gain, we always recommend the standard aFe "Pro5R " filter (which has a blue pre-oiled filter media), but this oil-free filter flows only slightly less than the blue Pro5R style aFe filter, and requires no re-oiling after cleaning the filter.

By removing your stock intake air box, you are removing the most restrictive portion of your intake system, increasing both horsepower and torque, improving acceleration as well as throttle response.

This part fits the following BMWs:
2007 - 2010 E60 550i
2004 - 2010 E63 6 Series Coupe 650i