BMW Moton Coil Overs & Race Shocks for BMW 1 Series E88 (2008-2013)

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Moton suspensions are used on the world's most-advanced sports and touring cars and are available to BMW club racers and professional BMW motorsport teams alike. Moton's innovative designs and cutting-edge engineering are exactly what racers look for when choosing a racing-style suspension for their BMW.

Turner Motorsport has extensive experience with Motons - they were used on our E36 and E46 SCCA Touring Cars as well as a number of club racing builds. There are few companies that really sit at the top of motorsport damper technology and Moton is the most well-known. Moton shocks are built for the absolute pinnacle of racing with design and features required to win at the highest level. Motons can be configured a number of different ways, including true rear coil over conversions, aluminum strut/shock bodies, solid mounts, and other features.

Turner Motorsport Moton packages include everything you need for a complete bolt-in racing coil over: set of Moton dampers, front camber plates (depending on model), rear shock mounts, 60mm springs, seat hardware, and rear height adjusters.

Moton Motorsport 3-Way Dampening System with Springs - E82 E88 128i 135i
Moton Motorsport 3-Way Dampening System with Springs - E82 E88 128i ...
Are you looking for the ultimate in damper suspension sys...
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Are you looking for the ultimate in damper suspension systems? Then Moton Suspension Technology has you covered! Moton Suspension Technology has been developing state of the art suspension systems since 1999, making quite the splash in the market and within just a year, 30% of the starting field in the 24 hours of Le Mans were equipped with Moton dampers. Since then they have been featured in multitudes of track circuits and classes around the world including FIA GT and FIA Sportscar Championship, FIA ETCC and FIA WTCC Championship, Grand-Am and World Challenge Championship, and as well as numerous National GT, Touring and Club Racing events.

In addition to the top of the line professional equipment used by race teams, they make a variety of damper systems that are exceptional in every way for both street and track needs. Looking to surpass all competition, their dampers feature remote reservoirs for superior fluid temperature control, separate compression and rebound damper valving adjustment, and height adjustable spring perches. Everything you could need to keep your car under control in any track condition. Making sure that these features both perform as expect and last for a long time to come even with potentially consistent abuse, this coilover system is built to the highest standards possible. The bodies are made from premium grade steel and aluminum, the shafts are both induction hardened and chrome plated, built to work in a 100-300 PSI range for the best driving support possible, and the remote reservoir is connected via a braided high pressure hose and corrosion resistant swivel banjo bolts for easy installation no matter the position of the canister in the vehicle.

These dampers include the same features of the 2-Way adjustable dampeners with 15 positions of high speed bump and 15 positions of rebound adjustment, but also include an additional adjustment setting of 6 position low speed bump adjustment. The ensure that at no matter what speed you are traveling, your suspension will always feel as responsive as you expect and will help keep your wheels planted to the ground, keeping as much traction as possible. Thanks to their design, these are both easy to use and dial in the exact feel that you are looking for for your absolute best performance.

This Moton Motorsport 3-Way Dampening System now also includes springs directly from the experts at Moton Suspension Technology. Both the spring rates and the dampener valving is specifically chosen to give you the best performance both on and off of the track thanks to an optimal pairing, guaranteeing you the perfect suspension set-up for the money! The spring rates are not only chosen to fit the individual chassis, but are also decided based on years of experience and feedback from race teams and individual consumers who have tried and tested countless configurations over the years.

Benefits include:

  • Improved platform stability
  • Improved traction, higher grip level
  • Improved rumble strip and bumpy track control
  • Improved tire wear over the complete race distance
  • Easy to adjust and work with
  • Every single adjustment done is very noticeable to the driver
  • Proven reliability


  • Unique blow off valve system in canister for high speed bump control
  • Large piston rod diameter for more fluid displacement
  • Adjustable gas pressure for added lifting force
  • Large main piston for quick response
  • No preloaded valve stacks needed for low speed damping control
  • Separate Bump and Rebound control
  • Swivel banjo hoses for easy installation of remote reservoirs
  • Expert chosen springs for the best suspension pairing

Fits the following BMW's:
2007-2013 E82/E88 BMW Non-M 128i 135i

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