BMW Angel Eye Headlight Conversions for BMW 3 Series E91 (2006-2012)

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Angel Eyes or Halo Rings were first put into widespread use by BMW in the late 1990s and they were an instant hit. BMWs have always had a lot of character in the 'face' of the car and the headlights contributed a lot to that distinctive appearance. The effect was only enhanced with the introduction of Angel Eyes. Cars made before year 2000 can now be retrofitted with the Angel Eye look with conversion kits. The Angel Eye upgrades that we sell come complete with the housings and LED halo rings pre-installed. We only sell completed angel eye conversion kits - not the DIY rings themselves.

We also sell bulb upgrades for existing factory Angel Eye headlights. These bulbs glow a brigher white color instead of dulled yellow. The bright white matches factory xenon colors much better.

Angel Eye Ring Bulb - E90 06-07 w Xenon, 08+ w Halogen
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LED Bright White Angel Eye Bulb Upgrade - E90 06-08
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