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BMW E92 Akrapovic Performance Exhaust Systems

BMW E92 Akrapovic Performance Exhaust Systems The Akrapovic (pronounced "Ack-rap'-o-vich") company was founded in 1990, based on the experience gained in the field of motorcycle tuning by Igor Akrapovic. Akrapovic is now the leading supplier of Titanium exhaust systems for cars and motorcycles, and are known internationally for their quality and performance. Akrapovic supplies exhausts to BMW Motorsport for racing applications such as the M3 GT4, BMW Motorrad, and many professional race organizations campaigning BMWs and Porsches. The titanium Akrapovic uses for their exhaust systems is produced exclusively for them. Their Titanium is three times stronger and more heat resistant than any other titanium product on the market, in addition to being 40% lighter than stainless steel. This high strength allows the use of thinner insulation while still achieving the highest quality standards, bringing decisive advantages both on and off the race track. The Akrapovic exhaust systems are the lightest and highest quality exhausts you can buy for a BMW. And as you'll find from their sound clips, they also have an amazing sound quality.
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Akrapovic Slip-On Stainless Steel Exhaust System - E90 E92 335i 335xi The Akrapovic Slip-On exhaust system is designed for drivers who demand more power and less weight. In addition to a weight reduction and a power gain, one of the tasks of the Akrapovic team was also to make the sound of the 335i become music to ones ears.

This Akrapovic exhaust improves upon the stock exhaust system (with a Slip-On system) of the BMW 335i in numerous areas. The first visible improvement is the additional power of 7,2 HP (at 5.950 rpm) and 8,1 Nm (at 3.560 rpm). The range between 2.500 rpm and 3.000 rpm and at 3.500 rpm was particularly improved. A noticeable improvement can also be observed at high RPM where the Slip-On gives more power. The Akrapovic Slip-On exhaust system is homologated for street use. This stainless steel system provides the performance gains of the Akrapovic Titanium system but at a lower cost.

Not for sale outside the US or Canada.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2007-2011 E90 BMW 335i Sedan 335xi Sedan
2007-2012 E92 BMW 335i Coupe 335xi Coupe 335is Coupe
*sorry not for convertibles due to body bracing
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Akrapovic Slip-On Titanium Exhaust System - 2008+ E92/E93 M3 This slip-on muffler system was originally designed for use on the BMW M3 GT4 and now is available for the E92 M3 coupe or E93 M3 Convertible.

The Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System for BMW M3 consists of 2 completely newly developed and now split-end mufflers. This exhaust system, made fully from titanium, reduces the overall weight when compared to the stock system by about 14 kg (30.8 lbs).

The power increase is about 5 HP. The torque is nearly constant at 3,6 Nm over the stock. That is the real joy of driving: high speed engine benefits in daily practice due to the torque increase. It improves the agility in the lower rpm-range noticeably. Also, the engine is stronger in the higher rpm-range and the elasticity is improved considerably. The improvement of acoustics played an important role in the development. The Akrapovic exhaust system amplifies and rectifies the beautiful sound of the 8-cylinder motor, without appearing invasive or having disadvantages in the daily use.

Not for sale outside the US or Canada.

This Akrapovic Exhaust fits the following BMWs:
2007+ E92 3 Series M3 Coupe
2007+ E93 3 Series M3 Convertible

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