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BMW F06 Turbo Replacement Kits

BMW F06 Turbo Replacement Kits We have taken all of the guesswork out of BMW turbocharger replacement with these turbo overhaul kits. Our kits are offered as basic replacement turbos and also full kits that include everything you will need. Choose among factory replacement turbos or improved aftermarket units. These turbo kits are meant as direct replacements but our aftermarket kits have several enhancements that make them more reliable and quieter even if your plans include increased boost later on. For upgraded turbos with more boost see the following category below. Our BMW replacement turbo kits include everything that you will need to replace during a BMW turbo overhaul, including all gaskets and hardware.
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N55, S63 Electric Turbo Diverter Valve

The diverter valve is responsible for redirecting boost away from the intake when it's not needed. Other cars use a blow-off valve to vent the pressurized air into the atmosphere (the whoosh sound commonly heard on turbo engines) but BMW and other makers use a diverter valve to keep the air circulating through the intake for emissions purposes. A failing diverter valve will lead to a boost leak as turbocharged air leaks past the seals instead of going into the engine when you want it. This is a minor issue on stock engines but a bigger issue on tuned or heavily modded engines (those will use an aluminum diverter valve instead of the stock plastic). The factory diverter valve is plastic which is prone to cracking and electric which will fail without warning. This is a direct replacement diverter valve for cars with the N55 and S63 (X5M/X6M) engines.

N55 takes 1 diverter valve.
S63 takes 2 diverter valves (1 per turbo).

This item fits the following BMW Chassis:
E70 X5M,E71 X6M,E70 X5 X5,E71 X6,E82,E90,E92,E93,F06,F10,F12,F13,F15,F16,F22,F25 X3,F26 X4 X4,F30,F32,F33,F34,F36
S63 engine applies to X5M/X6M only. Fxx M5/M6 uses S63TU engine and does not use a diverter valve at all.


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