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F12 aFe Performance Air Filters

F12 aFe Performance Air Filters Advanced Flow Engineering (aFe) makes these high performance, high flow OE air filters which replace the restrictive factory paper filter and lets your engine breathe better. These are stock replacement filters that drop in to your BMW's factory airbox system, and will increase flow to the engine, yielding more horsepower and torque.

Paper filters do a good job in keeping dirt out but can clogged easily so that it needs to be replaced frequently. aFe's performance filters are made with a washable/reusable cotton gauze which allows more airflow. aFe's filters feature a pliable progressive polyurethane seal, the deepest pleats in the industry, minimal wicking, and are factory pre-oiled with non-surfactant containing refined oil. Made in California, USA

FeatureBenefit• Pliable progressive polyurethane seal• Tight seal without gaskets or sealants• 100% polyurethane construction• Withstands extreme engine temperatures for extended-service life• Deepest pleats in the industry• Improved airflow, filtration, and dust-holding capacity• Minimal wicking• Larger filtration area for more airflow• Factory pre-oiled with non-surfactant containing refined oil• Will not damage sensitive electronic sensors• Washable/reusable cotton gauze media• The last filter you will buy for your vehicle
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Pro Dry S Drop In Filter -- F06/10/12/13/80/82/83 S55 3.0L S63 4.4L This is a drop-in stock replacement aFe performance air filter that installs into your BMW's factory airbox.

This version has an oil-free filter media for less maintenance. For the best flowing filter, with the best performance gain, we always recommend the standard aFe "Pro5R " filter (which has a blue pre-oiled filter media), but this oil-free filter flows only slightly less than the blue Pro5R style aFe filter, and requires no re-oiling after cleaning the filter.
Part #: 31-10238
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