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BMW F26 Thermostats

BMW F26 Thermostats BMW thermostats. Don't take chances! Proper maintenance is required to keep your car performing at peak levels. The thermostat basically controls when your car will overheat. Don't let it fail on you. We carry both OEM BMW thermostats and low temp aftermarket BMW thermostats for use in hot climates or track/race use
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Thermostat Replacement Kit - E82 E9X E84 E70 E71 With N55 Engines

If your vehicle is experiencing cooling issues, chances are the thermostat is the cause. Common symptoms include prolonged warm-up at highway speeds from the thermostat being stuck open, or consistent overheating issues from the thermostat being stuck in the closed position. Either condition can result in poor performance, and potential damage to vital components in your vehicle.

Kit includes

  • Wahler Thermostat
  • 1 liter of Coolant

This item fits the following BMWs: 
2008-2013  E82 BMW  135i 135is 1M Coupe 
2013+  E84 BMW  X1 xDrive35i 
2011  E90 BMW  335i 335xi 335i xDrive - Sedan 
2011-2013  E92 BMW  335i 335xi 335i xDrive - Coupe 
2011-2013  E93 BMW  335i Convertible 
2011-2013  E70 BMW  X5 xDrive35i 
2011-2013  E71 BMW  X6 xDrive35i

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Thermostat - F22 F30 F32 F10 F25 F26 E89 with N20/N26 engine

Engine running a little hot or is the temp gauge not telling you anything? The thermostat might be the likely problem. Many cooling issues start with the thermostat. This is electronically controlled by the engine computer based on the cooling demands from the engine. And cooling components are working harder than ever. Engine performance is also dependant on temperature - as temperatures rise and pass a certain threshold the engine computer will begin reducing power. Stay on top of your cooling maintenance by replacing critical components preventatively. This replacement thermostat fits many of the N20 N26 4 cylinder engines. Alternate part numbers: 11538635689, 11537633476, 11538636595, 11538636594.

Hailing from Stuttgart, Mahle-Behr specializes in automotive cooling systems. From air conditioning to engine cooling M-B has you covered with OE-quality replacement parts.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2012+ F30 BMW 320i 320i xDrive 328i 328i xDrive - Sedan
2013+ F31 BMW 328i xDrive - Wagon
2013+ F32 BMW 428i 428i xDrive - Coupe
2013+ F33 BMW 428i Convertible 428i xDrive Convertible - Convertible
2014+ F34 BMW 328i xDrive GT - Gran Tourismo
2014+ F36 BMW 428i Gran Coupe 428i xDrive Gran Coupe
2012+ F10 BMW 528i 528i xDrive
2014+ F22 BMW 228i 228i xDrive
2014+ F23 BMW 228i 228i xDrive
2011+ F25 BMW X3 xDrive28i
2015+ F26 BMW X4 xDrive28i
2009+ E89 BMW Z4 sDrive28i

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