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BMW F26 Turbo Upgrades

BMW F26 Turbo Upgrades If more boost and reliability are your goals choose from one of our BMW turbo upgrades. Our turbo upgrades range from stock turbos rebuilt with stronger internals to all-new, ground-up turbo upgrades. BMW turbos such as the N54 are capable of really impressive power numbers on stock engine internals but the factory turbos lack the precise tolerances and reliability that an upgraded unit will deliver. In other words, the stock turbos can only do so much and if big power (>400whp) is your goal a turbo upgrade must be in your plans. Our partners are leading experts in turbo technology and upgrades. Each Stage has been professionally developed and tested. Additional upgrades and tuning may be, or is, required. Contact us for more details on tuning options.
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F22/F3X 228/328/428 N20 Vargas Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade

Vargas Stage 1 N20 turbo upgrade is good up to 350whp with proper tuning and high grade fuel. Vargas N20 turbo is an all-new turbo specially made for Vargas. They build it with a billet compressor wheel of their own design and a stock turbine. It will accept all of the stock water and oil lines and the original diverter valve (upgraded DV is recommended). This kit is a direct bolt-on replacement for the original turbo and necessary if you want to start making big power from the N20.

The stock plastic diverter valve and chargepipe is the weakest point for boost leaks (the plastic cracks). Vargas Turbo recommends upgrading it to a stronger DV design. The aluminum DV designs will hold up to just about any boost level currently available.

Vargas Turbo Technologies has been in business since 1979, offering rebuilt and re-engineered turbo solutions. For the BMW market, they identified a need for both cost-effective turbo replacements and proven turbo upgrades. It's recommended that the rest of the system be upgraded to handle your tuning goals. The final Vargas rebuilt turbos are better than the factory rebuilds and at a lower cost!

Oil Recommendation - modern engine oil is formulated for emissions and to be environmentally friendly. The additives in current oil lowers the oil's ability to withstand high temperatures and stresses, lowering its shear strength and its lubricating properties. Vargas recommends oils with high ZDDP (zinc and phosphorus) content that will better protect and cool the turbo bearings. Examples of high-zinc oils are Red Line Race, Red Line Euro, Motul 300V Racing, Joe Gibbs Racing, Valvoline VR-1 oil, and most Diesel-spec oils that you can buy off-the-shelf. Some oils, especially the Race type, will need more frequent oil changes and may be harmful to catalytic converters.

WHP rating: 350. This rating is used to compare various stage of Vargas turbo kits. There is no advertised horsepower gain with this kit as it depends on your other mods and tuning. The rating is provided as a reference to use in your tuning planning. Custom tuning is recommended to match thIS turbo to your existing mods and upgrades.

Vargas Turbo Technologies
Part #: VTTN20-350
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P3Cars N20/N55 Boost Tap Upgrade your boost monitoring by adding an analog boost gauge so you can easily tell when there are performance issue's or showing you the power your car is putting out. 
P3 Gauges
Part #: P3BTAP1
Price: $60.00 (USD) 
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Genuine BMW Wastegate Pressure Converter - 11747626351

OE Wastegate from BMW that regulates the vacuum/boosts levels of the exhaust. If this fails, it could severely disrupt performance and regular engine operation.
When doing any sort of repair or maintenance there is no replacement for genuine factory parts. Turner Motorsport carries the Genuine BMW brand with pride and has the parts you need to complete your next project with confidence.

Genuine BMW Pressure Converter
This item fits the following BMW Chassis:
E70 X5M,E71 X6M,E70 X5,E71 X6,E82,E89 Z4,E90,E92,E93,F02,F06,F10,F12,F13,F15,F16,F22,F25 X3,F26 X4 X4,F30,F31,F32,F33,F34,F36

Fits BMW Engines including:


Genuine BMW
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