BMW Intake Boots & Hoses for BMW 5 Series G30 (2017+)

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The intake boot provides a pathway for air from the air flow sensor to the intake manifold. On most BMWs the boot is made of rubber with an accordian shape that allows the engine to shift and vibrate. As with any rubber component the rubber can dry out and crack and that can lead to serious running and drivability issues. A crack in the boot means that air is entering the engine that is not being monitored by the airflow sensor. The engine computer relies on data from the airflow sensor to set the fuel mixture in the engine. Excess unmetered air can result in lean condition faults, rough running, misfires, and other performance issues. For misfire and lean condition faults, check your intake boots first.

As an alternative to the original rubber, we also offer silicone boots that are both stronger and last longer with a 4-layer silicone design. Samco silicone boots can also decrease your BMW's intake turbulence and restriction by replacing the accordian design with a smoothed internal surface. Samco boots are also perfect as part of a kit to eliminate the factory traction control system (sometimes called an ASC delete boot).

Genuine BMW Turbo-Intercooler Clamp - 11657558922
Genuine BMW Turbo-Intercooler Clamp - 11657558922
T-Bolt clamp used for the intercooler piping. This ensure...
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Part#: 11657558922
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T-Bolt clamp used for the intercooler piping. This ensure that there will be no leaks from the intake hoses or pipes, holding everything tightly together.

Genuine BMW Clamp
This item fits the following BMW Chassis:
E82 1M Coupe,E71 X6,E82,E89 Z4,E90,E92,E93,F01,F02,F06,F10,F12,F13,F15,F16

Fits BMW Engines including:

Forge Silicone Vacuum Hoses
Forge Silicone Vacuum Hoses
Car suffering from vacuum leaks? Choose from a 4mm, 5mm, ...
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Starting at $14.95
Car suffering from vacuum leaks? Choose from a 4mm, 5mm, or 6mm diameter vacuum hose from Forge to fix your leak and bring your BMW back to life.

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