BMW Air Filters for BMW X Series E83 (2004-2010)

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Lackluster performance from a high-performance machine can only mean one thing: poor maintenance. Keep your car at peak operating levels by doing simple things like replacing your air filter. Stock BMW air filters are made from pleated paper. In some cases you can simply remove it from the car and give it a good shake or brush with a very soft bristle brush. But for heavily soiled filters a replacement is the only option. A lot of fresh air is crucial for your BMW's engine to make power. Don't let the filter be the weak link. We only offer OEM quality brands for air filters. Check the Intake category for Performance Air Intakes & Drop In Performance Air Filters

OEM Air Filter - E46,E83 X3, Z4 (M54)
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Part#: 13721744869
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Replacement air filter for the stock airbox.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1999-2005 E46 BMW 325i 325ci 325xi 330i 330ci 330xi
2004-2006 E83 BMW X3 2.5i X3 3.0i
2003-2005 Z4 BMW Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i
K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit - Aerosol
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Part#: 99-5000KT
Preserve and maintain your air filter for a lifetime, never having to spend another dollar on a replacement filter again!
K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit
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Part#: 99-5000
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  • 8oz squeeze oil
  • 12oz filter cleaner
  • service decal

A six step maintenance system designed to recharge any K&N air filter. Restores air flow efficiency so your filter performs virtually like new.

K&N Air Filter Squeezable Recharge Kit
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Part#: 99-5050
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Cleaning and re-oiling your K&N filter will prolong its life and maintain K&N's performance advantage. You should clean your filter every year with water and K&N's cleaning solution and re-oil the filter every two years. K&N air fitlers come pre-oiled.

OEM Air Filter - E83 X3 3.0i 2006-2010, E85 Z4 3.0si
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Replacement air filter for the stock airbox on E83 X3 and E85 Z4 with N52 engine.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2006-2010 E83 BMW X3 3.0i X3 3.0si
2006-2008 E85 BMW Z4 3.0i Z4 3.0si

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