BMW Brake Pad Sensors for BMW Z8

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BMWs are built with a wear indicator for the front and rear brake pads. When the pad wears to a certain point, the metal of the brake rotor will contact the sensor and trip the [BRAKE] light on your dash. This is an indication that your pads are low and need to be replacement soon. It's impossible to know exactly how many miles are left so have a shop inspect the pads and make recommendations for additional brake work to have done. Remember that if the dash light comes on then the sensor needs to be replaced in addition to the pads. Most BMWs have one sensor in the front (left-front) and one in the rear (right rear) since pads are replaced in axle sets only.

URO Brake Pad Wear Sensor - Rear - E39
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Replacement pad wear sensor, typically replaced when changing brake pads. If your brake lining warning is activated, the sensor will need to be replaced.

E39 Rear Brake Pad Sensor. Only one required for rear brakes. Does not fit touring (wagon.)

This REAR brake pad wear sensor fits the following BMWs:
1997-2000 E39 sedan - 528i, 540i (no wagons)
2001-2003 E39 sedan - 525i, 530i, 540i (no wagons)
2000-2003 E39 M5 sedan

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