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BMW Oil Pan Baffles

BMW Oil Pan Baffles Keeping the oil near the oil pump is crucial for the system to work correctly. Unfortunately, some BMW models suffer from oil starvation on the track. During cornering, G forces slosh the oil away from the oil pump pickup. Cornering for long periods of time (oval bankings, for instance) can starve the engine of enough oil to lead to catastrophic failure. We offer oil pan baffles that pool enough oil around the pickup that starvation is virtually eliminated. These kits are an absolute MUST for track-driven cars and have been developed and proven over our long motorsports history.
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E30 M3 Turner Motorsport Oil Pan Baffle Kit A MUST for every E30 M3! This is the first and most important modification you should make! During hard cornering/long sweeping corners the engine oil moves up the sides of the oil pan causing oil starvation! Oil starvation is a very common cause of engine failure in E30 M3's without a baffle. Our easy to install oil pan baffle kit keeps the oil near the pick-up and therefore reduces oil starvation. Our baffle along with the engine oil filled up 1 pint above the top mark on the dipstick with a quality synthetic oil will help insure a long lasting M3 motor. This baffle is a one piece unit, not a modified, welded stock baffle. No core charge! Includes detailed instructions. Lower oil pan gasket included. Installs in about 1 hour.
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E36, Z3 Turner Motorsport Oil Pan Baffle Kit

Through experimentation and data acquired from our E36 World Challenge Touring Cars, it was discovered that in long corners and under heavy braking that there was an oil starvation problem in the M50 and M52 engines. This system was developed to keep oil in the sump and eliminate the starvation problem. After several iterations, further testing and data acquisition in the Touring Cars showed that this system eliminates the problem of oil starvation. This is a less expensive alternative to replacing the stock oil pan with the factory BMW M3 Lightweight oil pan, while still achieving the similar results.

*Requires Professional Welding

Installation instructions (E36/Z3 Oil Pan Baffle for M50, M52, S50, S52 engines)


This item fits the following BMWs:
1992-1999 E36 BMW 323is 323ic 325i 325is 325ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
1992-1995 E34 BMW 525i
1997-1998 E39 BMW 528i
1997-1998 Z3 BMW Z3 2.8
1998-2000 Z3 BMW Z3 M Coupe M Roadster S52


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