BMW E12 528i Cross Drilled Rotors & Discs

The natural enemy of braking performance is heat. When temperature levels reach critical levels, a thin layer of gasses actually prevent the brake pads from making complete contact with the rotor friction surface. The addition of cross-drilling the friction surface promotes the evacuation of these gasses and improves stopping performance and pedal feel. TMS cross drilled rotors and AXXIS brake pads result in improved braking performance and look great too!

All TMS cross drilled rotors are made to exacting standards by the worlds leading brake manufacturers. Each part is then analyzed for its specific application and design. Engineers then determine the optimal drilling pattern to maximize stopping power. These patterns are then cut into the rotor using today's most advanced CNC machines. This level of quality control ensures that each TMS High Performance rotor will perform to the highest levels every time under all driving conditions. All TMS cross-drilled rotors feature counter-sunkholes that reduce stress risers and fractures.

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Cross-Drilled Brake Rotors - Front - E12, E23, E24 (pair)
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Stainless Brake Rotor Set Screw (34111123072) - Set Of 4
Turner Motorsport
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