BMW E28 Transmission Mounts

Transmission mounts locate the transmission to the chassis of the car. Nearly all BMW transmission mounts are made of rubber which is great for absorbing vibrations and noise but may not last very long. Oil from a failing transmission seals will also contribute to premature rubber mount wear. Worn out tranny mounts can lead to harder and imprecise shifting and maybe even a dreaded mis-shift. Rubber trans mounts are generally inexpensive so replacing them every few years will not break the bank. We also offer upgraded stiffer rubber or urethane mounts that last longer and deflect less so the transmission stays in its proper place and the shift linkage is not mis-aligned.

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E30, E24, E28 Manual Transmission Mounts (Pair)
T#: 360170
Mfg#: 23711175939KT1
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UUC HD Transmission Mounts and Enforcers
T#: 348589
Mfg#: TMS3779
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