BMW E30 M3 Strut Braces & Stress Bars

BMWs need some added chassis strengthening in the front. You may notice some "chassis flex" when cornering or driving over a bumpy road. The reason for this is the incredible amount of force being applied to front strut towers. They have a tendency to flex when force is applied to them. Tying the strut towers together with a brace reduces the amount of flex and soldifies your car's chassis. Easy installation.

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IRP Adjustable Front Strut Brace - E30 BMW
IRP - Individual Racing Parts
T#: 401356
Mfg#: IRPFSB-30
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Racing Dynamics Front Strut Brace - E30
Racing Dynamics
T#: 3554
Mfg#: 1969930012
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IRP Rear Adjustable Strut Bar - E30
IRP - Individual Racing Parts
T#: 401437
Mfg#: IRPRSB-30
Ships on Aug 3, 2018
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