BMW E31 Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads

The HP Plus pads were designed for autocross use and are a great pad when a track pad is needed for light use on the street. It was designed specifically for autocross, Solo II, and driver school events. HP Plus pads feature high friction levels in a broad temperature range, allowing you to use these pads to get to and from the track and still achieve ‘race-level’ braking performance on the course. The HP Plus is an introductory racing pad and is a great step-up from a street pad if you have exceeded its capabilities on the track. Although you can use these pads on the street, they do need more heat in them than the stock or HPS pads to work effectively. If used on the street, you will notice higher rotor wear, noisier brakes, and more dust than a street pad (all typical of ‘race-only’ pads).

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