BMW E36 M3 Turner / H&R Height Adjustable Spring Sets

A Turner Motorsport Exclusive! We recognized a need from our customers for a height adjustable spring set for some BMW models. These sport spring sets allow you to set the rake of the car by having an adjuster on the two rear springs. This gives you a range of height settings to account for your ideal stance, additional weight in the trunk (stereos, etc), suspension travel and clearance. These adjustable springs are only available through Turner Motorsport. They are designed as sport springs - great for street use with a balanced rate. The stiffer spring rate will improve handling and reduce bodyroll. We think the H&R ride quality is perfect for street use - not overly stiff for every day use but stiff enough that it makes a significant improvement. Set includes front and rear springs, and adjustable rear spring perches. Click here for additional information on using the rear spring perches.
A set of sport shocks is highly recommended when using sport springs.

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