BMW E53 Factory Replacement Shocks & Springs

Looking for direct replacement BMW springs or shocks? We offer Original BMW springs and German-made replacements. A broken spring is very dangerous and will give your car inconsistent or faulty handling. The ride also suffers as the suspension is no longer able to absorb the bumps and impacts or handle the weight of the car during cornering. Aside from a visual inspection of the spring itself you might notice a clunking sound or banging noise coming from the front or rear. An inspection of the noise should also include other related items in the suspension: bushings, ball joints, links, mounts, etc.

OEM shocks provide you with the same great ride quality the car originally came with from the factory at a fraction of the cost.

For accurate results, specify your model below:

Pneumatic Air Bag Spring - Left Rear - E53 X5
T#: 13641
Mfg#: 37121095579
Ships in 2 days
Pneumatic Air Bag Spring - Right Rear - E53 X5
T#: 16025
Mfg#: 37121095580
Ships on Jul 30, 2018
E53 X5 Rear Coil Spring Conversion Kit
Packaged by Turner
T#: 401677
Mfg#: 33536779860KT1
Ships in 3 days