BMW E61 Oil Coolers & Oil Cooler Parts

The condition and state of your oil can make or break your day at the track. Oil is working best during a certain temperature range and when exceeded the protective properties of oil will break down. This is especially critical with older, dirty oil. Newer cars with high underhood temperatures are even more at risk. Aside from frequent oil changes and more capacity the best way to keep healthy oil flowing through your engine vitals is with an oil cooler. We offer track-developed oil cooler kits and other accessories aimed at reducing oil temps or making your current setup work safely and more efficiently. An oil cooler will not make your car faster or handle better. It's simply excellent preventative action to avoid costly troubles in the future.

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Oil Cooler Line O-Ring
T#: 15159
Mfg#: 17222245358
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OEM Hella Heat Exchanger -- E60 E61 E63 E64
T#: 19553
Mfg#: 17117534896
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Oil Cooler Thermostat Housing - E90 E92 E60 E82 N54 N55
Genuine BMW
T#: 20650
Mfg#: 11427573212
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