BMW E61 Mass Air Sensor & Air Flow Meters

We sell OEM air mass sensors, air flow meters, and HFMs (Hot Film Meter) for many BMWs. When the mass air sensor is bad you will notice your engine running out of tune. Your fuel mileage will suffer, throttle response will be poor, and you will notice a lack of power.

There should be a Check Engine Light to alert you that the air sensor is having problems. However, there may not be a fault code for the air meter itself. Often times the code comes up as fuel trim or lean condition. In these cases the air sensor could be just one of a number of potential problems.

We only sell air sensors from Original Equipment Manufacturers like, Bosch, VDO, and Siemens. Please note that HFMs are an electrical part and cannot be returned for refund.

For accurate results, specify your model below:

OEM VDO Boost Pressure Sensor -- N54 N55 N63 N74
T#: 374114
Mfg#: 13627585493
Ships on Aug 31, 2018
OEM VDO HFM/Mass Air Sensor - E9x E60 E85 Z4
T#: 14948
Mfg#: 13627520519
Ships in 3 days