BMW E63 Differential and Gearing Upgrades

Upgrading various parts of the differential can have tremendous benefits in your car's performance. It's easy to forget that the differential is a source for making your car faster and handle better so it's often overlooked. The engine is not the only place to make the car faster. Our differential options vary from gearing upgrades to limited slip conversions. You can purchase the ring & pinion gear sets on their own (professional installation required) or have us build a diff around your own specifcations. The options are almost endless! Every custom-built diff is fully rebuilt with seals and bearings. We also design and supply bushing options to reduce driveline wind-up, finned differential covers for better cooling, and more!

Ratio Changes - Changing the differential gearing is one of the best and most-effective upgrades you can make on any BMW (old or new). By using a shorter (numerically higher) final drive ratio you are increasing your RPM relative to road speed - this puts you in a more powerful RPM range than before! Since you're in a 'meatier' part of the power band you're now putting down more power/torque to the ground. If you can trade outright top speed for faster acceleration at daily speeds then this is the perfect upgrade for you.

Limited Slip Upgrades - Sadly, many BMWs today are not equipped with a limited slip (posi-traction) differential. BMW has tried to compensate by using traction control that cuts power at the engine or applies the brakes to retard wheel spin (or a combination of both). But nothing beats the function and feel of a a true LSD which may be why BMW continues to use them in M cars. Our LSD upgrades can be done a number of different ways - a factory-type limited slip unit with either 2 or 3 clutch packs, helical type, OS Giken unit, or something truly custom. We can also vary ramp angles and setup to change the limited-slip behavior under acceleration, deceleration, and cornering. Need a custom diff? Call or e-mail to have a quote.

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Differential Input Shaft Seal - E82 E46 E9X E39 E60 Z4
Genuine BMW
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OS Giken Super Lock Limited Slip Differential Unit for E60 M5, E63 M6
OS Giken
T#: 179750
Mfg#: BM237-HC
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E60 M5, E63 M6 Differential Upgrade - Custom Options
Turner Motorsport
T#: 338777
Mfg#: TMS21533
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Genuine BMW Driveshaft Seal 33107609536
Genuine BMW
T#: 20830
Mfg#: 33107609536
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Genuine BMW Axle Shaft Seal With Lock Ring 33107505605
Genuine BMW
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