E63 Fault Code Readers and OBD Scan Tools

OBDII BMWs can tell owners almost anytime something is going on with a system function, but the proper tools are required. Turner Motorsport recommends all serious owners and at-home mechanics keep a scan tool and code clearing devices around to make short work of problems and complete services entirely that require system resets. All scan tools, code readers, and reset tools are located on this page.

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Professional Scan Tool Tablet GT80 MINI
Schwaben by Foxwell
T#: 553443
Mfg#: 0243455sch01aKT
Peake Research R5 FCX3-16 Fault Code Reader (most BMWs 2001-2007)
Peake Research
T#: 1016
Mfg#: FCX3-16z
Ships on Aug 15, 2018
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