E64 Alignment Tools

Setting your BMW suspension geometry by dialing in your Camber, Caster, and Toe angles are important for maximizing tire life and achieving optimal suspension performance on the track. Often, alignment shops will turn down modified or lowered cars, especially BMWs. To ensure your car is set up for peak suspension performance, use our recommended alignment tools to get the job done right yourself. These tools make adjustable suspension an in-house job for precise suspension changes you can be confident in completing at home. All our recommendations are listed on this page to help dial in your BMW suspension alignment.

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Magnetic Camber Gauge
T#: 366776
Mfg#: 010061SCH01A
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Schwaben Professional Magnetic Camber/Caster Gauge
T#: 366789
Mfg#: 010887SCH01A
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SPL Parts Adjustment Wrench
SPL Parts
T#: 553641
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Genuine BMW Template - 83300491085
Genuine BMW
T#: 170514
Mfg#: 83300491085
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