BMW E64 Performance Headers & Downpipes

Headers are a bolt-on component that will make a huge improvement in how your BMW performs. As a replacement for your factory BMW exhaust manifold, our BMW headers provide a more direct path for exhaust gasses leaving your engine. Headers prevent your BMW's exhaust pulses from "fighting" one another as they leave the head. The end result is that BMW headers give you more power and torque, and you'll love the high-winding top end push that a free-breathing engine exhibits. BMW headers are a must-have if you're doing any engine modifications on your vehicle. Along with a cold air intake, BMW headers provide the free-flowing exhaust necessary to get the most power out of your motor.

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E60 M5, E63 M6 Supersprint Tubolare Performance Headers
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Mfg#: 789301KT
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E60 M5 06-10 Stage 2 Turner Motorsport Performance Package
Packaged by Turner
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Mfg#: TS85-STG2DP
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