E88 UUC DSSR - Double Sheer Selector Rod

Increase the precision and smoothness of ANY and ALL shifters -- stock or aftermarket! Whether you have a factory stock shifter or an aftermarket short shift kit, a UUC Double Shear Selector Rod (DSSR) will dramatically improve it. The shift linkage is one of the most over-looked areas for improvement. Usually parts are replaced only when something breaks. But restoring and improving on the basic design can do wonders for your driving experience and piece of mind.

The original shifter linkage was engineered with costs in mind. It uses a lot of plastic and stamped sheetmetal parts to keep costs low. But they quickly wear out and by 50,000 miles there is considerable slop and play in the shifter action. UUC Motorwerks has attacked this problem with precision engineered replacement parts that perform better and last longer than the original factory pieces. The DSSR replaces the factory loosely-mounted selector rod with a beefier and more robust milled aluminum piece. The DSSR gives you a more precise and direct feel when shifting. Along with a fresh replacement of the other shifter bushings you won't have that flimsy feeling and side-side slop of a stock shifter linkage (even when new). The DSSR is a great upgrade to any short shifter, or even for refreshing your stock shift linkage.

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UUC DSSR for E82/E88 135i
T#: 338637
Mfg#: DSSR86-1
Ships on Aug 6, 2018
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UUC DSSR for E82 128i, E9X 325i/328i
T#: 16568
Mfg#: DSSR177-B
Ships on Aug 6, 2018