BMW E88 Moton Coil Overs & Race Shocks

Moton suspensions are used on the world's most-advanced sports and touring cars and are available to BMW club racers and professional BMW motorsport teams alike. Moton's innovative designs and cutting-edge engineering are exactly what racers look for when choosing a racing-style suspension for their BMW.

Turner Motorsport has extensive experience with Motons - they were used on our E36 and E46 SCCA Touring Cars as well as a number of club racing builds. There are few companies that really sit at the top of motorsport damper technology and Moton is the most well-known. Moton shocks are built for the absolute pinnacle of racing with design and features required to win at the highest level. Motons can be configured a number of different ways, including true rear coil over conversions, aluminum strut/shock bodies, solid mounts, and other features.

Turner Motorsport Moton packages include everything you need for a complete bolt-in racing coil over: set of Moton dampers, front camber plates (depending on model), rear shock mounts, 60mm springs, seat hardware, and rear height adjusters.

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